2017 Winners & Shortlists


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The Campaign

Get Saudi To Say I love you - Knowing that Saudi men, fear saying “I love you” in public because it threatens their masculinity and is not part of typical Saudi cultural conventions, we decided that if we get them to do just that we would prove to Saudi women that Lux delivers on its promise to ignite the spark of love. If we managed to do that, then we would not only win over the women, but we would get a nation talking and bring Lux to the forefront and secure an emotional high ground over the rest of the category.

Creative Execution

We launched our campaign “Qilaha A7ibik” (tell her you love her)through a social media video featuring famous Saudi influencers declaring their love to their wives and challenging viewers to do the same. To force the hands of those men who remained hesitant we used the most influential people of them all THE WIVES THEMSELVES. Through booths spread out across the kingdom women received free samples and were able to send gifts and balloons to their husbands right at their work place. Our celebrities joyfully delivered selected messages personally and challenged the husband to declare his love on our hashtag. And twitter became a hotbed for discussion as we encouraged users to generate content and declare their love. Point of sale was just as important so that we secured the moment of truth as women walked into the key accounts we were there reminding them of the powerful fragrance of Lux.


- We reached 1.04 million consumers on the ground (Source: Activation agency monitoring) - Our video received 5.4 million views, and was featured in - YouTube’s most watched videos September 2015 (Source: YouTube) - In a matter of weeks, our hashtag #Qilahaa7ibik was trending with over than 1Million impressions (source: Twitter) - Brand Penetration increased by 3 % from 35.1 to 38.1 (Source: Lux Brand & audit tracker) - Conviction improved from 59% to 66% (Source: Lux Brand Tracker) - In a matter of months our sales increased by 6% (Source: Lux audit) And that’s how Lux helped Saudi Arabia ignite the spark of love

To bring to life the experience of Lux global’s platform “Igniting the Spark of Love” we partnered with influencers and created content to inspire and challenge Saudi men to tell their wives “I LOVE YOU” in public. Through our mall booths and social media videos we launched our hashtag “Tell her you love her” challenging our audience and letting them experience the fragrance of lux and its impact so that they would experience love again. We created a direct response from consumers to try our product and simultaneously changed Saudi behavior, getting them to express their love.

Fragrance is an important part of every Saudi woman’s beauty ritual.The body wash she uses helps her feel good about herself and allows her create a lingering scent to make her attractive to her husband. With a global positioning about igniting the spark of love we needed to find a relevant angle in a conservative country where the typical conventions of love didn’t exist. As we opened up the discussion about love emotions ran high.Our focus groups turned into therapy sessions as women lamented over the fact that their men don’t express their emotions enough or that they didn’t show them that they cared And that’s where we found our idea:Instead of talking just to women we would target men and encourage them to express their love for their wives.Not only would we win over women but we would secure an emotional high ground over the rest of the category


Name Company Role
Chafic Haddad J. Walter Thompson Chief Creative Operations Officer
Rayyan Aoun J. Walter Thompson Executive Creative Director
Rawad Eldahouk J. Walter Thompson Creative Director
Firas Ghannam J. Walter Thompson Senior Art Director
Daniah Alaoudah J. Walter Thompson Copywriter
Dana Alkutoubi J. Walter Thompson Planning Director
Toufic Bassil J. Walter Thompson Business Director
Mohammed Jawhar J. Walter Thompson Senior Account Executive
Rayan Khayat Unilever KSA Lux Brand Manager
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