2017 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryFast Moving Consumer Goods
Media Placement MINDSHARE Riyadh, SAUDI ARABIA

The Campaign

To encourage women to finally move past social pressures, and focus on themselves, we developed a rallying cry to women across the GCC with the phrase “#nowisyourtime” We created a social experiment comparing Adult Women’s aspirations to those of young girls to remind Saudi women of the time their dreams were their own. We also created an online microsite where Saudi women can share their newly found aspirations with the world, and to encourage them to start making things happen, we helped turn a few of them into reality.

Creative Execution

Now is Your time was born! An open invitation to the Saudi woman to move past social pressures and focus on herself. To kick off the conversation we launched our online video reminding women of the time their dreams were their own. We used social media channels:Instagram,twitter, Facebook along with paid social to encourage traffic to our microsite jawagtik.com where we launched our activation getting women to submit what wanted to achieve and Activia would help them fulfill it. We used influencers from each of our markets to help push our message.Getting on board Sara al wad3ani from Saudi,Fatma al Momen a fashion and lifestyle blogger from Kuwait,Karen Mciain a food and lifestyle blogger from the UAE,Amani Al Ajlan from Saudi a social activist and Taim al Falasi from the emirates. To encourage them to start making things happen we sponsored a few dreams and helped turn them into reality


We had 6 million views of our online video, with 250,000 hours of display time We had 12.9k hashtag mentions of #jawagtik (Source: twitter/Instagram) & an engagement rate of 1.4% ( benchmarked at 0.9%) (Source: Twitter/Instagram) We had 2 million tweet views and 35 million social media impressions (source: twitter, facebook) We had 31,623 unique visitors to our site and 11,032 participants in our activation a total conversion rate of 35%. (Source: Website Backend data) Resulting in a 535% increase in instagram fan growth (Source: Instagram) & 45% twitter fan growth (source: twitter).

Unlike other brands we didn’t want to just preach about our promise of feeling free, but actually encourage and inspire women to do something about it. So with a direct call to action “Now is your time” we highlighted the challenges women face today through an online video and then gave them a platform to submit their ambitions where Activia would help make their ambitions happen.

#It was clear that we needed to move beyond the “problem” and make the benefit of Activia more relevant to more women. Our hunch was that a more emotional health positioning would be more powerful. The women we spoke to were facing endless and exhausting multitasking,resulting in little time to care for themselves. They faced family and societal pressures,where what they wanted to do versus what they were expected to do weren’t always aligned,and many felt they didn’t have the confidence and the freedom to look after their wants and needs first This got us thinking. If Activia could give women a healthy tummy so that they felt freer, more confident to tackle things,then Activia could also play a role in encouraging Arab women that now was their time to focus on her needs and her desires and her ambitions. Activia would champion the Arab woman’s right to do so


Name Company Role
Chafic Haddad J. Walter Thompson Chief Creative Operations Officer
Rayyan Aoun J. Walter Thompson Executive Creative Director
Rawad Eldahouk J. Walter Thompson Creative Director
Firas Ghannam J. Walter Thompson Senior Art Director
Daniah Alaoudah J. Walter Thompson Copywriter
Manuel Kurkjian J. Walter Thompson Copywriter
Sally Elzaza J. Walter Thompson Senior Art Director
Dana Alkutoubi J. Walter Thompson Planning Director
Alaa Abu Hammeen J. Walter Thompson Business Director
Rabie Hassoun J. Walter Thompson Account Director
Hisham Hinawi J. Walter Thompson Account Manager
Mohammed Tafesh J. Walter Thompson Account Excutive
Abdulaziz Ali Alruwaigh Al-Safi Danone Brand Manager
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