2017 Winners & Shortlists


Short List
CategoryUse of Digital Platforms
Idea Creation J. WALTER THOMPSON Casablanca, MOROCCO
Media Placement J. WALTER THOMPSON Casablanca, MOROCCO
Production J. WALTER THOMPSON Casablanca, MOROCCO

The Campaign

Shortly after the 2M show aired, ENTI.MA (Morocco’s most influential fashion and lifestyle magazine) aired its own response. In a subtle video showing women how to take makeup off – without damaging one’s skin – a famous fashion vlogger gently removes makeup. As she takes the makeup off, the signs of abuse are revealed. This video is the reverse of what was shown on 2M.

Creative Execution

The response video to 2M’s segment had to be uploaded quickly, so that the outrage surrounding the 2M segment was still in people’s and the media’s minds. Once the ENTI.MA video had been posted on their own lifestyle and fashion site (only a few days after the 2M segment) the implementation of that call to action had begun. Because the outcry to 2M’s segment was used as the catalyst for ENTI.MA’s version, both the people and the international press had more immediate access to the content. The video is still gaining traction, so the timeline and scale are still being measured.


Just 24 hours after the ENTI.MA video was shown, it reached 3,000,000 views. It was shared 6,000,000 on social media. The international press – those who had reported the previous 2M debacle – also reported on the ENTI.MA video. The video was also shown on international news channels across the globe. Miss New York 2015 (a Moroccan) has made herself an advocate for the cause. Moroccan women now have a platform from which to be heard, spurred on by women all around the world commenting on the video. Most recently, an 8-year-old draft law protecting women’s rights in the country has now been passed and is currently being finalized in parliament.

Insight 1: Women are no longer bound by traditional methods of communication, especially in male-dominated societies; insight 2: Thanks to social media, no government or company is unaccountable for its actions. After Morocco-state-owned TV channel 2M aired a segment showing women how to cover signs of abuse with makeup, ENTI.ME used these insights in their favor to a. enable women (anyone with access to the internet) to vent their frustration; b. highlight the outrageous normalization of abuse in Morocco; and c. create a response through building solidarity both nationally and internationally.

Our audience is Moroccans – women and men, including public figures, influencers, people at large: anyone and everyone who could put pressure on the government, and influence behaviors and perceptions. Traditional media was out of the question, so a more authentic channel had to be used. The content had to be relevant, easily accessible and inclusive. ENTI.MA’s response had to create the same hype as the video it was highlighting. The video that showed women how to take makeup off and therefore not cover the signs of abuse was posted by ENTI.MA, and by using similar search phrases and key words, it was easily picked up by both women around the world as well as the journalists that reported 2M’s segment. Because of the content and the placement, the video gained exposure faster and more naturally.Our call to action was simple: Don’t cover up the abuse.


Name Company Role
Ramsey Naja J. Walter Thompson Chief Creative Officer
Chafic Haddad J. Walter Thompson Chief Creative Officer
Mohamed Oudaha J. Walter Thompson Casablanca Creative Director
Hazem Kaddour J. Walter Thompson Casablanca Managing Director
Marouane El Hanafi J. Walter Thompson Casablanca Associate Creative Director
Dina Benbrahim J. Walter Thompson Casablanca Copywriter
Yasmine Loukmari J. Walter Thompson Art Director
Simon Raffaghello Raffaghello's Senior Copywriter
Hind Chaouat Hind Chaouat Communication Film Director
Sarah Bencherqi J.Walter Thompson Casablanca Account Manager
Sophia Tazi J.Walter Thompson Casablanca Account Executive
Alena Tounzi Moroccan Make up Academy Make up specialist
Yassine Allouchi Moroccan Make up Academy Make up Specialist
Houda Moulki J.Walter Thompson Casablanca Account Executive
Samuel Anajjar Moroccan Make up Academy Make up specialist
Achraf Falah J.Walter Thompson Casablanca Graphic Designer
Samir Abouzakaria J.Walter Thompson Casablanca Graphic Designer
Mohammed Chrouro Mohammed Chrouro Production Post production
Younes Messoude J.Walter Thompson Casablanca Graphic Designer
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