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Product/ServiceCHARITY & APPEAL
CategoryExperience Design
Media Placement BOLD AGENCY Riyadh, SAUDI ARABIA

The Campaign

The majority of the panhandlers pretend to be disabled or amputated by using tricks and costume in order to abuse the good will of the locals to give them money. They tend to focus on crowded areas like malls and Ramadan Tents and are prepared to trick different types of people into giving them. Around 50% of the total money given to the panhandlers occurs during the month of Ramadan, as it is in the culture and religion to support the poor during this month, and this is when the beggars are active the most. Those people are giving money to the panhandlers, without ever thinking that the money will end in the wrong hands, and away from the actual needy.

Creative Execution

The campaign took place during the Holy month of Ramadan where beggars are most active. We installed motion-detecting screens that display unfortunate and disabled beggars who call to passerby’s for donations. When money is inserted into the machine, the beggars reveal themselves to be perfectly sound and without any disabilities. After the donators realize where their money went, they are prompted a choice to donate their money to the right channels or a refund. These machines were placed in open areas in high-traffic malls and food courts, in order to catch as much attention as possible in the capital city of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, in addition to Jeddah in the western region. Both of the cities have the highest rates of panhandling activities.


Our campaign ran throughout the entire month of Ramadan, and our messages’ total reach exceeded 20 million on the digital platforms, with Twitter leading the channels with almost 9 Million Impressions. Regional and local news outlets covered the story, and popular social media influencers supported the cause. The machines collectively detected more than 93,000 users who engaged and are now aware of giving right. The campaign resulted in an approximate 2 million Saudi Riyals channeled away from the panhandlers, and reached those who are truly in need.

The first anti-begging machine that simulates the begging experience and reveals the tricks of the beggars. We used an innovative approach to raise awareness on the issue of begging and send through our messages to the audience.

Our target audience includes males and females, mid to upper class, who are above 20 years old, and are outgoers and don’t hesitate to help the needy. During the month of Ramadan, they tend to visit malls during the day, and Ramadan Tents for iftars, and this is where we had our messages available. We utilized social media platforms, with special focus on Twitter due to its high usage in KSA, to deliver educational messages and describe the scale of the problem, and the tricks that panhandlers perform to drive locals to give them money. Our strategy involved catching our target audience off-guard and showing them the truth of the matter with street beggars. Then we gave them the option to donate to the right charities directly through the machine, or by bank transfers.


Name Company Role
Abeer Alessa Bold Agency Co-Founder, General Manager
Mohamad Baalbaki Bold Agency Co-Founder, Executive Creative Director
Ziad Abou Rjeily Bold Agency Creative Technology Director
Rashad Moglbay Bold Agency Planning Director
Fahed Awkal Bold Agency Production Manager
Yazeed AlHayef Bold Agency Account Manager
Christine Helal Bold Agency Account Executive
Aljoharah Alrasheed Bold Agency Senior Art Director
Abdullah Alobodi Bold Agency Senior Copywriter
Joyce Abou Rjeily Bold Agency Web Developer
Jad Fadel Bold Agency Art Director
Tajammul Khan Bold Agency Graphic Designer
Mohammed Hassan Bold Agency Concept and Editing
Sara Balghonaim Alwaleed Philanthropies Media & Communications Officer Global Initiatives
Shahad Almufti Alwaleed Philanthropies Media & Communications Officer Local InitiativesMedia & Communications Officer Local Initiatives
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