2017 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryFast Moving Consumer Goods
Additional Company GREY DENSITY Lahore, PAKISTAN

The Campaign

With political and economic uncertainty, skyrocketing cost of living, frequent power cuts and weakening law & order – the people of Pakistan had become increasingly frustrated and unhappy. As a result, they were smiling less. Something had to be done. So we introduced the Lay’s “Pass A Smile” campaign. Through a very clever and simple packaging design innovation, we converted Lay’s packets into direct interactive vehicles of happiness, turning the packs into bright and positive smiles. A clever design exercise of adding a beaming smile on the lower half of a face on the front of the pack automatically completed the consumer's face as they held up the bag. Lay’s invited everyone in Pakistan to pass a smile to others using their packaging as a media device.

Creative Execution

The primary design touch point was the packaging itself, which was overhauled to include a dominant smile placed on the top half of the packet in such a way that a consumer would hold it against their face and thus complete the design. It was incredibly innovative in a marketplace that is often overcrowded with hundreds of brands, and the fight for standing out on the shelf is brutal. We worked with existing packaging guidelines and photographed 60 different smiles ranging from the very wide grins to the more demure smirks. The wardrobe choices and other color elements were carefully selected to mirror flavor hints, such as red for spicy.


“Pass A Smile” became the most successful campaign in the history of PepsiCo Pakistan. We had not only reversed slow growth, but managed to build tremendous amounts of valuable brand love. At the end of the 2-month campaign, we achieved a phenomenal 16% sales growth, 8% rise in Brand love, and a remarkable 13% rise in brand consideration, taking the top of mind share by a storm. A record 4.9 million entries were submitted in the promotion while #PassASmile became the longest trending hashtag in Pakistan's history. Not only had we become the No.1 brand on digital in Pakistan amongst relevant brands, but we had managed to sell an incredible 70 million+ packs sold in 2 months, a new record for Lay's. And all this for a budget that was significantly less than our competitor. Our biggest win, though, was that we had managed to make an entire nation smile.

In order to directly influence consumer behaviour, we decided to use the most direct tool possible: our packaging. And we made it interactive. The packaging mechanism was irresistible to consumers, who couldn't help but interact with the stand-out package designs. The response we needed to drive was not only the purchase of our packs - which we succeeded at tremendously well - but also to build brand love and a direct relationship with our customers.

Lay's manifesto urged the message of making a day more flavorful. We felt nothing exemplified that better than getting people to smile, so we decided to use the most direct tool possible to reach our audience: the packaging. We launched with a TVC that portrayed our packs as the trigger to pass a smile to those who faced any challenging or irritating everyday life situation. Creative communication was integrated across mainstream, digital, PR and ambient channels through creative message delivery across each consumer touch-point. Our aim was always to make the consumer interact directly with our packaging. Even when it came to print, executions were interactive. We knew we were a big hit when people started generating memes based on our packaging.


Name Company Role
Ali Rez Impact BBDO Regional Creative Director
Assam Khalid BBDO Pakistan Strategic Planning Director / Creative Director
Faisal Durrani BBDO Pakistan General Manager
Hira Mohibullah BBDO Pakistan Associate Creative Director
David Redmond BBDO Pakistan Creative Director
Huma Mobin BBDO Pakistan Creative Manager
Aamna Rahim BBDO Pakistan Senior Creative Manager
Haroon Rashid BBDO Pakistan Senior Art Director
Idrees Hussain BBDO Pakistan Client Services
Atif Pasha BBDO Pakistan Production Manager
Feroz Qadri BBDO Pakistan Client Services
Mohammad Ejaz BBDO Pakistan Senior Production Manager
Tariq Khan BBDO Pakistan Junior Designer
Hussam Moro Impact BBDO Cairo ECD 
Mostafa Hamza Impact BBDO Cairo ACD