2017 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryFast Moving Consumer Goods

The Campaign

The idea was to get consumers to experience and appreciate the new Bonux 3x longer lasting scented formula. As Lebanon was going through a serious garbage crisis that was made worse by the summer heat, it gave Bonux the perfect opportunity to get consumers to step out of the heat and stench of garbage as they walked down the busy streets and cool down with the fresh smell of Bonux.

Creative Execution

A transparent acclimatized closet was built and filled with freshly washed garments that were left to hang in the closet. The closet was placed in a high foot traffic area of Beirut that is badly affected by the garbage crisis and known for its heavy traffic. Consumers were invited to walk in, cool down and experience the fresh scent of Bonux as a getaway from the heat and stench that surrounded the city. From idea to execution, it was done in 5 working days and the closet was placed in Sin El Fil neighborhood of Beirut for a full day. We decided to launch the activity on the 1st of the month as this is when consumers would have higher disposable incomes and therefore more inclined to translate intent into sales.


While the objective was to create excitement and hype around the new Bonux scent, there was no budget to support the activity on a large scale. As such one famous high traffic neighborhood was selected that was relevant to our target audience and suffering severely from the impact of the garbage crisis. This also allowed us to reach as many of our target audience with a very limited budget. The results poured in. The ‘freshness closet’ was installed for one day. A counter was placed in the freshness closet and recorded over a 1,000 visitors to the booth with hundreds of visitors stopping afterwards to inquire more details about Bonux and praise the scent as well as the idea. The activation created WOM and hype in the neighborhood. The following day, many grocery stores in the neighborhood claimed to have run out of stock.

Throughout 2016, Lebanon experienced a garbage crisis that was made worse by the grueling summer heat. There was no escape from the stench that covered the country. Bonux, being the brand of the people reacted to this crisis through their new 3x longer lasting scented formula. An air-conditioned transparent closet was constructed and placed in high foot traffic area of Beirut that is popular with the Bonux target. Garments were washed with Bonux and left to hang in the acclimatized closet. Passerby’s were able to step out of the sizzling summer heat and smell of garbage

Bonux target audience are usually consumers who stem from the lower socio economic ladder. The areas that Bonux TA usually reside in are busy areas that are not always well maintained by the local municipalities. They are also the ones that are most harshly effected by the garbage crisis as impoverished areas are where most garbage were left accumulated or dumped from other regions. Feeling exasperated by the lack of action from the government on the garbage crisis, Bonux wanted consumers to know that not everything had to smell bad and Bonux new 3x longer lasting scent would keep them feeling clean and fresh.


Name Company Role
Bechara Mouzannar Leo Burnett Beirut Chief Creative Officer
Malek Ghorayeb Leo Burnett Beirut Regional Executive Creative Director
Manal Naji Leo Burnett Beirut Creaitve Director
Charbel Abou Jreich Leo Burnett Beirut Art Director
Sonia Hadchiti Leo Burnett Beirut Producer
Alex Simonian Leo Burnett Beirut Regional Account Director
Elsa Azar Leo Burnett Beirut Account Manager
Maria Etre Leo Burnett Beirut Copywriter