2014 Winners & Shortlists


Product/ServiceWOMEN MONTH
CategoryBest Integrated Campaign Led By PR

The Campaign

To enhance the Saudi's Women to be active in our community, each year we celebrate April month by doing Women appreciation month. With different subject every year, our objective was raise awareness of such subject, and this subject also became unique & pull the attention of the audience, media and government. So if we launched this topic properly we've got great awareness, 2013 was about supporting female entrepreneurship by 250,000SR. After we start announcing the campaign by media channels in 1st March, we collected more than 130 projects by Saudi's women, however to choose the best 10 we set three referees from different business sectors. Then we started the campaign 10 women. We chose the right sponsors to strength the campaign, Glow its a marketing institute that run women workshop on how to build your own business strategies and the aman jeddah Affairs of Information Technology gives the women new programs to save your business income and out come. We gave them 28 days to present the full project in these day all of the ten took 10 lectures to develop them business knowledge; we chose 3 winners out of 10 give them 80,000SR to each one and In collaboration with Jeddah chamber of commercial we give the permission to start work on the floor of Saudi market and the client get 18% increasing in his retail sale.

The Brief

Increase awareness of this topic that improved women mentality and give the chance to show the society that they can manage their projects. femi9 the host of the campaign was need to have a loyal costumers and that was one of the main objectives. and be the first of mind when anyone thinks of the most privet sectors that support the women. our target was divided to four: 1. businesswomen from (23 - 35) 2. win to win sponsors 3. media Sponsors 4. Government sectors that support women


Output: year after year by this campaign we re-position the community mind on the women work, and the costumer credibility. Knowledge/Consideration: the messages that we broadcasted reached more than 2,000,000 people through press, online and social media. Even the royal family appreciated the campaign. Action / business impact: increased Femi9 sale and loyal costumers, built a strong relation with the targeted governmental sectors and we own this ideas ( WAM or women appreciation month).


on November we started brain storming about the next years topics, December we set the plan to work on, on 10th December we moved through the permission process and at the same time we worked with the media sponsors and the partners. At the end of February we got the permission to start the project, 1st March we distributed the first press release as announcement of the campaign. The plan started on 20 March and closed on 30 April.

The Situation

In Saudi Arabia when you launch women activities you have to get three permissions: the first from general presidency of the promotion of virtue and the prevention of vice, the second from Jeddah government the last one from Jeddah Chamber of Commerce. The difficult thing is to go through this process with a topic that talk about Saudi's women and the topic will go to all the media and the public. We implemented a CSR campaign, and Aman Jeddah ( Jeddah government ) was one of the sponsors of this campaign.

The Strategy

To announce the campaign, we started from social media, we gone through all the media channels, that made the critics talk. We chose the referees from the expert in marketing and the information technologist to give a credibility to the campaign. So we mixed our strength with weakness and the threats with the opportunities to let the campaign work smooth.


Name Company Role
Mr.eyad Mashat Fad Trading Company Chief Executive Officer
Ms.arwa Al/Amaa Aman Jeddah Vice Secretary General For Information Technology
Mr.khaled Saleh Glow Work Owner/Ceo
Mr.mohamed Al/Safh Jeddah Chamber Commercial Jeddah Events Program Manger
Mr.ahmed Tama Mix FM Managing Director