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CategoryBest Launch or Re-launch
Entrant Company LEO BURNETT Jeddah, SAUDI ARABIA
Advertising Agency LEO BURNETT Jeddah, SAUDI ARABIA

The Campaign

The Agency’s Proprietary Research (The HumanKind Quotient Research: conducted locally in Saudi Arabia on July 2012 across 15 categories, for 65 brands and including 3,000 respondents. Also, the research was conducted globally in 11 countries including 155 categories, for 778 brands and including 37,900 respondents) has shown extremely low affinity scores for Nahdi, when compared to other brands in general and to other retail brands. The agency’s HumanKind Research showed that Nahdi’s brand affinity score was 54% lower than the retail category average and 34% lower than the Saudi Brands Average. In line with the above, the objective was to transform Nahdi pharmacy from a silent and faceless destination into a one that is cares for its community. In achieving the above objective, our strategy was to change Nahdi from a place that sells medicine, to a place that gives hope.

The Brief

-Identify a meaningful, relevant and convincing role for Nahdi pharmacy to play in the lives of the Saudi people -Creatively bring this role to life and have the people of Saudi engage and actively participate with the brand -Create overall engagement and social media engagement with the mass population of Saudi


Awareness,Reach&Perception: Ipsos Price Perception Study June 2013 showed the following: -The new brand identity&the new brand message has reached 64% of the population -Out of those who knew of the campaign&of the changes at Nahdi,90% said they are likely to visit Nahdi pharmacies&are willing to pay a premium at Nahdi -Around 1M USD worth of free PR coverage as per the rate card Engagement: -The teaser YouTube clip “Let’s Spread the Infection of Hope” had almost 150K views in less than 2 weeks -Over 70K FB interactions/week during the campaign -5 star rating on the FB star metrics -In mall-activations,more than 5K picture were uploaded to Nahdi SM platforms in less than 3 days -The campaign had over 26M impressions on all SM platforms Business Results: Nahdi internal reports have shown the following results after the campaign: -18% increase in total sales -10% increase in basket size at Nahdi pharmacies


The strategy meant to be an ACT. We encouraged people to do the actual ACT of spreading hope themselves. Hence,we used the YouTube celebrity Omar Hussien&had him seek the help of the people to give hope to those who need it the most: “Children with Cancer”. Through a SM campaign,we shot a clip showing the celebrity shaving his head in compassion with the children&inviting people to join us at several malls across the country to share sentiments.At the booths we had people take pictures of themselves with our sentiments of hope&upload them to Nahdi’s SM platforms. We announced to people that for every picture uploaded, Nahdi will donate 5 Saudi Riyals to SANAD Children’s Cancer Support Association. Our stands became a popular destination,where we invited SM celebrities to do the act themselves&attract everyone passing by. The voice of hope, started by Nahdi, became the people’s voice&Nahdi donated SR250K to SANAD.

The Situation

The advancements in SM&user generated content across digital platforms has increased the levels of connectivity,networking,engagement&individuality. Saudis are the most digitally engaged society in the world(3,000% growth rate on twitter,over 6 Million active FB users,44% of the population viewed YouTube/day&90 Million videos were being viewed/day,the highest viewership in the world. Source: http://www.digibuzzme.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/SM-KSA.jpg) With all the positive effects of digital engagement, it has downsides. A major one was the spread-ability of negative content, we have noticed how pessimistic content was on all digital platforms,it has been spreading like an infection and affecting the behavior of the people. It was "the snowball effect of pessimism in Saudi".

The Strategy

During a period where pessimism was spreading like an infection across the different digital platforms, we want to spread a different message, one that is full of optimism. One that is full of hope. Hence, asking people to help us spread hope.


Name Company Role
Mohammed Bahmishan Leo Burnett Creative Director
Feras Shoujah Leo Burnett Associate Creative Director
Haitham Darwish Leo Burnett Art Director
Hassan Ghalayini Leocomm Pr Director
Nader Naamani Leocomm Pr Manager
Thamer Farsi Leo Burnett Group Communication Director
Waleed Hmeidan Leo Burnett Communication Supervisor
George Maktabi Leo Burnett/Leocomm Managing Director