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Advertising Agency MEMAC OGILVY & MATHER Beirut, LEBANON

The Campaign

Due to limited traffic regulations in Lebanon, people and particularly the youth, often tend to drink and drive. In 2012 alone, 11,000 car accidents have been reported due to drunk driving. To date, there is still no abiding law enforcement mechanism to control drunk driving, which leads to deadly accidents and an increase in the number of causalities every year. Nissan with its new line of cars for the young generations stepped in to position its new brands, Juke & Sentra, as cars that care about the safety of the youth. Nissan targeted a wide range of potential new customers by engaging with them on a one-to-one activation in their favorite hangout zones. The target audience of the campaign were young drivers that party during the weekends, and tend to drive back home under the influence of alcohol. “Suggest an Arrest” initiative came in line with RYMCO’s corporate social responsibility program and commitment to give back to the community by helping reduce youth mortality rate in Lebanon caused by car accidents. It is also part of Nissan’s “Hello Safety Campaign”, a global traffic safety movement designed to improve road safety through the prevention of driving under influence, while striving to design and engineer safer vehicles by enhancing safety technologies and features. The campaign was launched on 2 March 2013 and ran over a period of 1 month

The Brief

Rymco aimed to halve the number of fatal and serious injuries from car accidents caused by drunk driving. The goal behind the campaign is to enhance road safety among youth and educate them on the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol.


The initiative spread quickly! With countless suggests made, Nissan Police Squad raided the trendiest pubs across Beirut, carried out sobriety tests on suspects, and arrested those who failed and drove them home safely. Over 100 arrests were made in less than 4 weeks with an on ground engagement of over 5,000 people and a total reach of 1,023,556 individuals. The initiative made the young crowd become heroes, by allowing them to suggest an arrest and save the lives of their drunken friends. The campaign received a total of 30 media placements in a one month. It reached out to 1,048,916 people in traditional media and 7 blogs reaching 62,188 followers. There were 51 mentions on Twitter, 54 mentions on Instagram and YouTube videos gathered more than 11,536 views. 84% of the placements covered the key messages penetrated in the news release.


4 Nissan cars, Sentra and Juke, were parked in Uruguay Street, ready to pick up party goers who had drinks. RYMCO arrest team, dressed as police, surrounded the area with yellow tapes showing the activity logo, arrested few people, subjected them to alcohol tests, took their mug shot, then drove them home in Nissan cars while their vehicles were delivered to them by sober RYMCO drivers. RYMCO offered arrested people hangover kits to encourage them in future to sober up before getting into their cars. One week before launch, a crew from the news department of MTV, major TV station in Lebanon with the highest viewership among young audiences, was present on location during the first arrest to film and conduct exclusive report. The report was broadcasted on the same day the news release was dispatched to media. Facebook app was created to encourage people to suggest a friend arrest.

The Situation

For RYMCO, safety comes first; this is why they strive not only to bring into the Lebanese market cars with top notch safety features and technologies, but also to shed the light on critical road safety issues arising in the country. RYMCO / Nissan's line of cars is very popular among the young generation. And since the lives lost are those of the youth, the campaign “Suggest an Arrest” reached out to the target using their own language, in their own hangout zones, interacting with them & raising awareness to their safety.

The Strategy

Inform youth about the safety of Nissan cars. Nissan strives to design and engineer safer vehicles by enhancing safety technologies and features Educate youth about the risks of driving under the influence of alcohol on their lives and the others Engage with youth (party goers) to take a role in suggesting suspects who might get into their cars after they had one drink or too many


Name Company Role
Moe Minkara Memac Ogilvy Executive Creative Director
Malek Badreddine Memac Ogilvy Copywriter
Richard Ayyash Memac Ogilvy Senior Digital Designer
Christian Safi Memac Ogilvy Senior Copywriter
Jihane Fadel Memac Ogilvy Associate Creative Director
May Fawwaz Memac Ogilvy Associate Creative Director
Rima Rizkallah Memac Ogilvy Business Director
Carole Daye Memac Ogilvy Account Director
Avo Sarafian Memac Ogilvy Senior Web Developer
Elias El Asmar Memac Ogilvy Account Executive
Cindy Nehme Memac Ogilvy Social Media Executive
Carmen El Hajj Memac Ogilvy Pr Director
Rudy Francis Frame Nation Films Executive Producer
Layal Bou Antoun Memac Ogilvy PR senior account executive