2014 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryAmbient/Alternative Media
Entrant Company JWT, MOROCCO
Advertising Agency JWT, MOROCCO
Advertising Agency 2 SHARE PYXICOM Casablanca, MOROCCO

The Brief

Only Nissan Juke was available in the crossover category; but had never communicated. It was for us the opportunity to appear as the brand launching crossover. Nevertheless Renault is maybe the number one brand in the market, but is known for urban cars, or for utility vehicles, but no one expects Renault in the crossover category. How can Renault become a reference for CrossOver? Target Audience : People are more open to exploration, fun and need a vehicle that works as much for their daily routine as for their adventurous side of life (travel, exploration, night lifeā€¦)

Creative Execution

Renault is not known in the crossover segment. Captur is a first. So we kept the element of surprise and raise interest around the car's shape.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

Our target loves spending time in the streets, shopping malls and hangout with friends. Once at home, they spend their time online. This is why we decided to launch a disguised car in the street, with light reflection effect rolling in Casablanca randomly. To amplify the viral effect, we first posted homemade videos showing young people playing football in the street when suddenly the car goes by them. Once the trigger phase was over, we launched our shining car in the streets escorted by young promoters inviting people to post photos/videos on the website c-life.ma, and comment.


From a sales point of view, Renault Maroc said this is their best car launch for years, reaching 54% segment share in 4 months. From an engagement point of view, the first week the site got more 25000 unique visitors and more than 150 uploaded photos and guesses. Online news published several articles on the campaign.


Name Company Role
Fady Chamaa JWT Casablanca Executive Creative Director
Faycal Rettali JWT Casablanca Creative Director
Marouane El Hanafi JWT Casablanca Art Director
Zakaria Chelouati JWT Casablanca Account Manager
Ahmed Soltan JWT Casablanca Producer
Hazem Kaddour JWT Casablanca Planning Director
Adnane Smaili Renault Maroc Digital Manager
Gerald Porcario Renault Maroc Marketing Director
Siham Abid Renault Maroc Communications Manager
Achraf Lemnini Share Pyxicom Account Director
Lilia Rachedi OMD Maroc Account Director