2014 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryDigital Media in a Direct Campaign
Advertising Agency MEMAC OGILVY & MATHER Beirut, LEBANON

The Brief

In a country where 11,000 car accidents have been reported due to drunk driving in 2012, Nissan with its new line of cars for the young generation stepped in to position its new Juke & Sentra as cars that cared about its target's safety. Nissan targeted a wide range of potential new customers by engaging with them on a one-to-one activation in their favorite hangout zones. *Disclaimer: Documentation shots taken in the streets displaying various campaigns against reckless driving belong to their owners and are not part of the campaign, nor the property of our agency.

Creative Execution

RYMCO / Nissan's line of cars is very popular among the young generation. And since the lives lost are those of the young youth of Lebanon, the campaign reached out to the target using their own language, in their own hangout zones, interacting with them & raising awareness to their safety. This is why, the creative execution connected the brands to the target, online and offline. The initiative made the young crowd become heroes, by allowing them to suggest an arrest and save their drunk driving friends' lives.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

Suggest an Arrest with Nissan! A Facebook app was created encouraging people to care enough for their friends and families by arresting them for having one too many drinks! This app allowed people to suggest so Nissan could Arrest! The initiative spread quickly! With the countless suggests made, the Nissan Police Squad raided the trendiest pubs across Beirut, carried out sobriety tests on suspects, and arrested those who failed and drove them home safely. Over 100 were made in less than 4 weeks with an on ground engagement of over 5,000 people and a total reach of 1,023,556 individuals. https://www.facebook.com/Rymco/posts/569096903130269?stream_ref=10


The topic ran on all major social network channels, tweeted and discussed by thousands reaching countries as far as England and India, with our app receiving countless suggests & a total click throughs of 6,306! We busted over 100 suspects in various locations in less than 4 weeks, at the same time creating an on ground engagement with over 5,000. The videos also gathered a staggering 15,000 views! The issue was raised on national TV and radio, gaining pages and episodes of earned media worth $272,000 and a total reach of 1,023,556 individuals and a matching online outreach number


Name Company Role
Moe Minkara Memac Ogilvy Executive Creative Director
Malek Badreddine Memac Ogilvy Copywriter
Richard Ayyash Memac Ogilvy Senior Digital Designer
Christian Safi Memac Ogilvy Senior Copywriter
Jihane Fadel Memac Ogilvy Associate Creative Director
May Fawwaz Memac Ogilvy Associate Creative Director
Rima Rizkallah Memac Ogilvy Business Director
Carole Daye Memac Ogilvy Account Director
Avo Sarafian Memac Ogilvy Senior Web Developer
Elias El Asmar Memac Ogilvy Account Executive
Cindy Nehme Memac Ogilvy Social Media Executive
Carmen El Hajj Memac Ogilvy Pr Director
Rudy Francis Frame Nation Films Executive Producer