2014 Winners & Shortlists


Product/ServicePOSITIVITY :)
Entrant Company ALNOWAIR Kuwait, KUWAIT
Advertising Agency ALNOWAIR Kuwait, KUWAIT

The Brief

The brief was to create a unique engaging and cost effective invitation for the launch event for Alnowair a non-profit initiative spreading positivity in Kuwait. The launch, called "the bloom" was being hosted in a rundown building transformed to host interactive activities that gave insights on how small things can change our behavior and transform our attitude to be more positive, proving that in fact happiness can be found anywhere.

Creative Execution

Alnowair's message to spread Positivity in the country is the first of its kind in Kuwait. And to create an impact with our very first communication, the message had to be engaging. Through unfolding the invitation step by step, the invitee helped metaphorically open a new positive page in Kuwait. The messages on the invite enticed and made the invitee a part of that change, while setting the tone of what was to follow during the event.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

We came up with an interactive card design, where invitees would slowly unveil the message by opening a folded piece of paper (in line with the name of the launch event called the bloom). Each fold had a message that led to the next and eventually to the invite. The personal feel of the invitation distributed by hand was consistent with the theme of the event. The invitation was printed on standard A3 paper and folded manually proving out to be a cost effective solution.


The invitation card was distributed by hand to all invitees. The positive blog posts, tweets, Instagram and Facebook posts following the distribution signaled that the message had been well received and sending in a personal invitation, during the time of e-invites really made a difference with the audience.


Name Company Role
Sheikha Intisar Alsabah Alnowair Founder
Gaya Kruchlik Alnowair Campaign Manager
Wasim Khan Alnowair Senior Copywriter
Vako Kodjian Alnowair Senior Graphic Designer
Huzaifa Kakumama Alnowair Senior Graphic Designer
Taher Wadkar Alnowair Creative Director
Ahmed Younis Alnowair Volunteer Coordinator
Alia Abouelfath Alnowair Youth Development Manager