2014 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryDigital Media in a Direct Campaign
Entrant Company IMPACT & ECHO BBDO Safat, KUWAIT
Advertising Agency IMPACT & ECHO BBDO Safat, KUWAIT

The Brief

Wataniya is more than just a Telecom Brand. It strives for the well being of society. Ramadan, the month of giving and charity, was the perfect time to engage with our customers, encouraging them to give back. The key message Wataniya wanted to communicate was that giving doesn't necessarily have to be of materialistic things. Because giving lies in truly contributing back to those in need, by introducing kind initiatives such as donating time to make a difference, whether in the form of effort, smile or even participate in an activity to become an active and beneficial member in society.

Creative Execution

Kuwait is one of the most service orientated countries in the world – everything comes to you with a simple call and you hardly need to leave your seat to get things done. The challenge was to convince people to take a much more involved role in the donations, not get someone else to do it for them. As a telecom brand deeply involved within the community, we wanted people to wholeheartedly participate and see how simple things can make big differences. And donating Hugs, Smiles, High Fives, Jokes, Stories, or even a sincere Thank You is a start.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

A donation doesn’t need to be materialistic. We redefined the meaning of donation and urged people to give joy everyday in the form of small and simple gestures like Donating Hugs, Smiles, High Fives, Jokes, Stories, or even a sincere Thank You. Just like that, the campaign opened up people’s minds to endless new ways of donation. Key Objectives: Introduce the campaign and boost awareness through different platforms. Engage with fans to participate in campaign charity events and activities. Increase followers.


- Over 150,000 people from all ages and walks of life registered on our site and united to donate all sorts of kind gestures. - Over 30,000 Iftar meals were distributed to the needy during the month of Ramadan. - The campaign brought a 19% increase in the brand’s engagement. - For the first time, we had an overrun of volunteers. - The animated series alone received over 18,000 likes. - More importantly, everyone donated the time off their lives. - In Ramadan, Wataniya instilled back the true meaning of giving in our hearts.


Name Company Role
Luciano Dipietro Impact & Echo BBDO Head Of Digital Dept
Patrick Semaan Impact & Echo BBDO Digital Creative Director
Nathalie Badran Impact & Echo BBDO Social Community Manager
Ahmed Waheib Impact & Echo BBDO Art Director
Ayman Rawashdeh Impact & Echo BBDO Sr. Developer
Rithesh Ozario Impact & Echo BBDO Sr. Developer
Cesar Jachan Impact & Echo BBDO Executive Creative Director
Lokesh Achaiah Impact & Echo BBDO Creative Director
Akram Rehayel Impact & Echo BBDO Art Director
Yara Raffoul Impact & Echo BBDO Art Director
George Rizkallah Impact & Echo BBDO Art Director
Aeid Hassoun Impact & Echo BBDO Senior Arabic Copywriter
Sarah M. Mobasher Impact & Echo BBDO Account Executive
Hussein Ali Hammoud Impact & Echo BBDO Account Director
Hadi Abdel Majeed Impact & Echo BBDO Group Account Director
Mukesh Makhijani Impact & Echo BBDO Creative Services Manager