2010 Winners & Shortlists


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Product/ServiceLE MALL
EntrantJWT Beirut, LEBANON
Type of EntryMedia: Use of Media
CategoryBest Use of Digital Media (Including Internet, Mobile Devices, etc)
Entrant Company:JWT Beirut, LEBANON
Advertising Agency:JWT Beirut, LEBANON


Results and Effectiveness

The Le Mall Christmas campaign’s yet again innovative approach managed unsurprisingly great communication results.www.savechristams.me was the season’s most popular digital campaign attracting a little over 8000 active visitors.(13% penetration on population 4.1million)The Le Mall Christmas Exchange desk saw well over 3000 gifts exchanged throughout the lifespan of the campaign(Azadea Group,Le Mall management)The campaign received enormous word of mouth and adoption.Traffic driven to Le Mall was measured through the footfall system installed in all Le Mall entrances.The daily footfall weekly average had increased by a staggering 400% from the date of the campaign launch through the two weeks leading to Christmas.

Creative Execution

We initiated a ‘pay it forward’ campaign where people were encouraged to do a random act of kindness by sending a gift to a complete stranger. We first launched a radio campaign with parodies of popular Christmas radio songs. The campaign would invite people to partake in Le Mall’s nationwide Christmas Exchange program by visiting a website. Supported by outdoor, poster, magazine and press, www.savechristams.me was launched as the digital interface of the campaign. The website allowed consumers to experience first hand the joy of giving and receiving gifts from random strangers. People were encouraged to sign up and invite their friends from other social networks to be part of the campaign. Once one registers at Savechristmas.me and receives a gift from a random stranger, he would be notified via email and mobile text to come collect his gift under the tree at Le Mall.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Our business objective was to make people shop and spend time at Le Mall over the Christmas holiday. Our communication objective was to instigate change, and remind people that the true Christmas Spirit begins in everyone’s hearts. Le Mall needed a campaign that allows people to experience the true meaning of Christmas. We were to create an interactive campaign that would break through the advertising clutter of holiday campaigns. The key insight lay in the over-commercialization of Christmas, and how it had sadly been losing its true meaning. People were missing the essence of this special holiday, and were distracted by all the decorations that adorn the surface. After the bold tone set by the launch campaign, Le Mall wanted go beyond simply wishing people a merry Christmas and continue with establishing the brand as means for social reform.


Name Company Position
JWT - Beirut JWT - Beirut