2010 Winners & Shortlists


Grand Prix
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Type of EntryIntegrated
Entrant Company:ELEPHANT Cairo, EGYPT
Advertising Agency:ELEPHANT Cairo, EGYPT


The Campaign

Egypt was about to play Algeria in the final game of their 2010 World Cup Qualifiers. Possibly the most important game in the history of Egyptian football. As the official sponsor of Egyptian fans we decided Coca-Cola has to do something anything. They had no budget whatsoever for this campaign. And we convinced them that we could get people to do it probono. Our idea was to find 89 fans who went to the famous Egypt-Algeria game of 1989. Where Egypt qualified for the world cup for the last time in 20 years. And take them to the 2009 game. for good luck.

Success of the Campaign

The campaign was instantly a huge hit. 20,000 fans showed up at the game wearing the 1989 tshirt. the 89 fans from 89 became instant celebrities at the game. People were taking photos with them, and signing autographs. Egypt won the game by a miraculous last minute goal. Most importantly, this campaign definitely sealed coca-cola's place as the official sponsor of egyptian fans.

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

This campaign was first launched on radio. as we were trying to find and recruit the 89 fans from 1989. All significant "morning" radio shows were used to find people. Then we shot and produced the first ever 3-minute spot (a documentary explaining the idea). It was entirely shot for free. Then we printing huge billboards with 1989 and the words "i was there" on them. A website was launched www.egypt1989.com for recruitment and people can send material from the 1989 game.


Name Company Position
Ali Ali/Maged Massar Elephant Creative Director
Ali Ali/Maged Massar Elephant Creative Director
Mohamed Murad Eleven Producer
Abdelkarim Mardini Organizer
Omar Shamaa Eleven Production Manager
Gamal El Bouchie Director Of Photography