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Idea Creation KIJAMII Cairo, EGYPT
Post Production JAZZ FILMS Cairo, EGYPT

Why is this work relevant for Integrated?

The campaign leverages a multi-channel integrated approach across TV, Digital, Social, Radio and Influencer Marketing, and Out of Home to deliver the simple message - that Tiktok is a fun and dynamic content discovery platform, and that you - the non-user - were missing out - through showcasing examples of top trafficked categories and content creators on Tiktok.


TikTok encountered some hurdles in the Egyptian market that led to dropping the brand and content image because of some questionable user-generated content on its platform that angered public opinion, despite a rapidly-growing user base. Tiktok needed to launch their first local branding repositioning campaign addressing emotional and functional perception barriers to the app, with a specific target audience of non-users who perceive the platform negatively. We needed to re-establish Tiktok as a youthful, dynamic and respectable content discovery platform fit for everyone.

Describe the creative idea

Tiktok is already recognized globally as the most exciting content discovery platform, so to entice our audiences, we leveraged this age’s most predominant fear, the fear of missing out (FOMO), to get them interested in the platform and to change their perception, and launched the campaign tagline "Faytak Keteer / You're Missing Out On A Lot" to showcase all of the different content categories and respected content creators on the app.

Describe the strategy

To deliver the message far and wide, we launched a fully-integrated campaign (Digital - TV - Outdoor - Digital PR - Radio) with actor Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz as its protagonist, representing the everyday user who understands Tiktok’s true power and takes the viewers on a journey through some of its top performing categories in Egypt (food, sports, traveling, DIY, fashion, make-up, entertainment, and beyond) through the eyes of some of the most followed Tiktok content creators, who appeared extensively in the campaign to lend authenticity and credibility to the campaign, and to continue the conversation beyond the ad, helping win over old and new audiences alike.

Describe the execution

The campaign includes 30 tailored copies of various durations and gender affinities and dimensions, two English and Arabic radio copies, a massive outdoor campaign covering greater Cairo and Alexandria, an in-app landing page, and a digital activation on and off Tiktok utilizing the real Tiktok content creators featured in the copies and in the rest of the campaign verticals to convert people from other platforms onto tiktok. This asset range and diversity powered an integrated media strategy across mediums to deliver the campaign's main message clearly on a mass scale, and for the duration of two months.

List the results

The campaign resulted in some staggering numbers of viewership and engagement, with 80% of researched audience changing their perception positively about Tiktok as a platform for discovery. The campaign also scored a 75% ad recall rate, and a 66% likeabilty score, all surpassing pre-set Egyptian benchmarks by the independent research partner, in addition to winning over new non-users with 56% of them recalling the ad positively. On Tiktok, the ad campaign and its online engagement activation saw 790 million+ views.


Name Company Role
Sherif Ghoname Kijamii Creative Director
Omar Shoeb Kijamii Head of Account Management and Creative Content
Noha Eid Kijamii Senior Art Director
Asmaa Maged Kijamii Senior Graphic Designer
Amir Ibrahim Kijamii Copywriter
Omar Shawky Kijamii Director
Mariam Osman Kijamii Senior Account Executive
Khaled Zaki Good People Executive Producer
Mahmoud Derbala Good People Head of Production
Aly Rady Good People Line Producer
Aly Shaaban Good People Line Producer
Omar El Shafei Good People Line Producer
Mariam Muhie Good People Line Producer
Waleed Abdelsalam Good People Production Manager
Ahmed Essam Good People Production Team
Mahmoud Hosny Good People Production Team
Hassan El Non Good People Production Team
Aly Ghoneim Good People Production Team
Hussein Aziz Good People Post Producer
Sameh El Sebaay Good People Photographer
Mostafa El Kashef Good People Director of Photography
Abdallah El Daly Good People Director's Producer
Shady Salah Good People Assistant Director
Nadine Elsaid Good People 2nd Assistant Director
Omar Alaa Good People Set Designer
Mirette Amer Good People Set Designer
Yasmine El Tazi Good People Stylist
Ismail Nosrat Good People Music
Nadim George Good People Trinity Operator
Omar Seven Target Casting Agency Casting
Eshta Eshta Good People Gaffer
Baskota Baskota Good People Grip
Ahmed Nasr Good People Camera Assist
Kamal El Mallakh Jazz Films Editor
Charbel Mouawad Jazz Films Colorist
Hania Saleh Jazz Films Studio Producer
Safeya El Bannan Jazz Films Post Producer
Andrew Emad Jazz Films VFX
Mohamed Emad Jazz Films Agency Cut
Paul Katrib Tiktok Brand
Nahla Magdi Tiktok Brand
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