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Why is this work relevant for Integrated?

When the UAE, at the end of 2021, made the announcement that the weekend is to change from Friday and Saturday to Saturday and Sunday, confusion was nationwide. This was a job for Snickers. Being a brand known to help people with their confusion, we figured, well, this could simply be a case of confusion derived from hunger. And so we set out to help UAE residents navigate these confusing times through our activation with a number of integrated pieces.


Over the last 50 years, much has changed in the UAE, from malls to skyscrapers and tan lines. However, one thing has remained constant – the Friday/Saturday weekend. At the end of 2021, the UAE announced that Saturday and Sunday is the new weekend. Confusion was imminent. Snickers, a brand known to help people with their confusion, figured, well, this confusion is derived from hunger. The solution – grab a Snickers. Snickers needed to increase sales by 10% to offset a market share decline experienced recently. Beyond this, it had to do its civil duty to remind people that Thursday became Friday, Saturday became the new Sunday, and the old Sunday became the new Monday. The brand aimed to help the UAE by ensuring no one showed up at work with an espresso and a 2 AM-completed presentation on the weekend confused by having a Snickers in hand.

Describe the creative idea

Our idea was extremely simple: hijack the conversation around the new weekend confusion and let Snickers own it. Through social listening we identified the widespread uncertainty when it came to what to do on a Friday or a Sunday, and we decided to remind people that it could all be solved with a Snickers. Our big idea: don't let the new weekend confuse you.

Describe the strategy

Snickers has had a longstanding relationship with hunger – “You’re not you when you’re hungry.” With hunger-induced confusion resulting in mishaps and blunders. However, over time, the platform had gone stale, much like a knock-knock joke, causing the brand to not only stagnate with the market but experience a continuous staling decline. The brand’s challenge was to connect with the UAE youth in a relevant and timely way, tapping into their most relatable daily insights. We needed to hoist our brand positioning in an engaging way that reignites their excitement and love for the Snickers brand to drive sales. So, when the new weekend became the talk of the town, Snickers spotted an unmissable opportunity to own the conversation: Thursday is now Friday and Saturday is the new Sunday, and the old Sunday has become the new Monday; if you’re still confused, grab a Snickers.

Describe the execution

Starting off a highly integrated campaign, the Snickers New Weekend Kits were sent to specific individuals, companies and even competitors - these included Snickers bars and a handkerchief to cry in if you showed up to work on a Sunday. A public service film announcement was released detailing the hazards of confusing the new weekend. Specifically targeted outdoor was set up in commercial areas. We even released a dedicated "weekend" playlist on the region's largest audio platform Anghami, along with day-specific radio messages. Throughout the campaign, a social media competition urged those who ended up in an empty office to share their ordeal with a chance to win Snickers. POS drove sales at retail touchpoints. In the end, individuals, companies and competitors stepped in to work with a Snickers in hand, repeating, “If Thursday became Friday and Saturday became the new Sunday, then the old Sunday becomes the new Monday?”

List the results

Short of avoiding a confusing tumult, the campaign was a national hit, going viral throughout the country - we had successfully managed to own this national conversation. Almost everyone in the country and their employed grandmother had Snickers on their mind: we managed to reach more than half the population while registering 6 million impressions. The campaign resulted in a sales increase of 11% during the campaign period, a much needed boost. Also, and more importantly, Snickers fulfilled its national duty to help millions of workers remember that the weekend had shifted and helped avoid finding themselves at work with an espresso and a 2 AM-completed presentation in hand on the weekend.


Name Company Role
Dani Richa Impact BBDO CEO and Chairman
Ali Rez Impact BBDO Executive Creative Director
Marie Claire Maalouf Impact BBDO Executive Creative Director
Felix Bedolla Impact BBDO Associate Creative Director
Jarrad Pitts Impact BBDO Writer
Joris Bosdriesz Impact BBDO Director
Adwin Alais Impact BBDO Account Executive
Salma Shahin Impact BBDO Account Director
Haitham Shaheen Impact BBDO Account Manager
Johannes Frederick De Beer Impact BBDO Creative Director
Muhammad Hammad Impact BBDO Art Director
Teena Matthew Impact BBDO Designer
Shabir Shahan Impact BBDO Designer
Murtaza Talib Impact BBDO Resource & Operations Manager
Kezia Shamil Impact BBDO Account Intern
Maher Dahdouh Impact BBDO Arabic Writer
Raja Shetty Impact BBDO Designer
Jida Arabi Impact BBDO Designer
Rajit Kumar Impact BBDO Designer
Rene Melinat Impact BBDO Designer
Ahmad Skheita Impact BBDO Design Intern
Ben Dsouza Impact BBDO Animator
Alexandre Bianchin Impact BBDO Producer
Rahul Rajan Impact BBDO Animator
Ryan Gonzalez Impact BBDO Editor
Christopher Shearer Impact BBDO Copywriter