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Product/ServiceBLACK FRIDAY
Media Placement MINDSHARE Cairo, EGYPT
Production 2 BLACK RHINO Beirut, LEBANON
Post Production 2 BLACK RHINO Beirut, LEBANON

Why is this work relevant for Integrated?

Experiences are subjective and come in many forms. One thing we all agree on is how music and video elevate experiences to epic memorable levels, especially when incorporating popular culture. They help us focus on the happier side of life. Even more so when it’s all around us. For Jumia, it wasn’t enough to create a music video for Black Friday. It had to go beyond TV as we needed to intercept the people wherever they are. Timing and locations is everything. Hence tackling popular culture across different channels, from OOH, social to digital, delivering an always-present experience to Egyptians.


Black Friday is the biggest sale of the year and digitally connected Egyptians count down the days for. It is also a time where shoppers are bombarded with updates from several e-retailers, each trying to get them to buy from their app. In turn, shoppers are plugged to their phones during that period racing to get the best deal to do all their Holidays gifting shopping. It’s a competitive environment with way too many questions and challenges popping into the mind of consumers and loyalty to one e-retailer is not a thing. What matters is to get the best deal possible. So, how does an e-commerce retailer, like Jumia, gets to own Black Friday? How to attract new users to the platform without alienating existing ones? Jumia found the answer by connecting with Egyptians through genuine relatability. Putting Egyptian behavior and popular culture at the core of its campaign.

Describe the creative idea

In order to be relevant for Egyptians, we identified a cultural insight that would bring the brand's proposition ( "It's No big deal, Jumia is the big deal") to life in the country in a natural and light-hearted way. In Egypt, when we want to reassure someone that something is not a big deal, they would say مش حوار (Mesh 7ewar). For instance, if you've spilled coffee on your shirt during a meeting, as a response they would tell you it's not a big deal, worry less. So, Jumia's Black Friday was all about playing with such human insight across multiple scenarios, while connecting it to the claim that whatever happened, Jumia had the consumers’ backs, always offering the biggest deals and solutions. The idea introduced a relevant character for the market: A well-known 100% Egyptian, bright, funny, entertaining person who is absolutely obsessed with the Jumia’s Black Friday deals.

Describe the strategy

There’s nothing more powerful than culture. So, the strategy was to show how Jumia stands out from being an ordinary e-comm platform and goes deep into embracing and loving Egypt and its beautifully unique culture to relate with shoppers between the ages of 25 and 45 in the most natural way possible. By getting intimate with culture, Jumia would drive more relatability and empathy, truly getting closer to Egyptians while making it easier for the content to be understood and liked, which by consequence would lead to more natural consumer acquisition and retention. The creative strategy was to build on an existing yet relatable celebrity that is known for his humor or love for shopping and who could dress the role naturally. The goal was to humanize the brand, showing this character facing the same everyday mishaps Egyptians go through – but in a humorous way. With Jumia facilitating solutions.

Describe the execution

We brought onboard a famous Egyptian comedian, Bayoumi Fouad, known for his humor and success in Cinema. As he's more relevant to an older target audience, we needed to appeal to the younger generation and in turn selected two Egyptian influencers and music artists that are currently peaking in the market Khaled Mokhtar and Ahmed Basyoni. To take the execution to the next level, we have hired a top composer in the region, Tarek Yehya, and one of the biggest directors Mohamad Kalawi who managed to turn around the job from initiation to delivery in only 3 weeks! Due to the success of the idea, other markets, Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria, joined the production and we localized the song and content for their markets. In only 3 weeks, we came up with the creative, managed a production for 4 countries and delivered content for over 5 channels. Record hit!

List the results

Results were remarkable and the Brand witnessed a leap in sales, behavior or even engagement compared to Black Friday 2020. The communication blasted across different channels resulted in the following: 1- Sales Increased by 48% and Jumia acquired 40% more consumers than Black Friday 2020 2- Media Impressions: +323M 3- Total views on social: 88.7M 4- Total Reach: 65% of the population targeted 5- Anghami streams: 525K and song placed in the top #13 songs during that period 6- We captured over 25% of site traffic first weekend in EG coming from Tiktok


Name Company Role
Leila Katrib VMLY&R Commerce Dubai Creative Director
Ahmed Samir Salama Abdelhalim VMLY&R Commerce Dubai Senior Arabic Copywriter
Abdo Borgi VMLY&R Commerce Dubai Senior Art Director
Gregory Mardikian VMLY&R Commerce Dubai Managing Partner
Maha El Hawari VMLY&R Commerce Dubai Client Commerce Director
Manuel Borde VMLY&R Commerce Global Chief Creative Officer
Michel Harb Black Rhino Founder / Executive Producer
Nadim Khoury Black Rhino Production Manager
Galal Oraby MindShare Business Unit Director
Rawda Shahin MindShare Media Executive
Yasmine Hussein MindShare General Manager
Mazen Asmar VMLY&R Commerce Dubai Graphic Designer
Prageeth Malaka VMLY&R Commerce Dubai Graphic Designer
Karim Al Amin VMLY&R Commerce Dubai Digital Designer & Motion Graphics
Ahmed Tarek Yehia Ahmed Tarek Music Music Producer/Composer/Singer
Mohamed Kalawi - Film Director
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