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Why is this work relevant for Integrated?

This is the first ever integrated campaign that was engineered to stop the buying cycle instead of feeding it. We used 5 integrated channels, to interrupt a full buying cycle at every point. Each channel was strategically chosen to be present at the point of either: consideration, impulse, browsing, sale or post sale.


2021 was economically tough on Saudi Arabia. Incomes were reduced and sales tax increased significantly. For the first time in the Kingdom, many people were on a budget. Zain, one of Saudi’s leading telecom providers, created affordable bundles to help people get through these tough times. But Saudis couldn’t see value in them, yet, because Saudis didn’t know how to save, yet. Saudis come from generations of abundance. That means they can sometimes be careless spenders. For example, they might pay and subscribe to a streaming website, and not notice that they already get it for free, as part of another bundle. So, how could they see value in the new Zain affordable bundles, if they were broke, from purchasing other things, that well.. were useless? We needed to educate them so they could truly benefit from our Shabab bundles.

Describe the creative idea

Introducing the Zain ‘Save Your Pocket Association’. Here to stop Saudis from buying useless things during these tight times. We launched an entire program that monitors, halts and advises on people’s spending. Literally saving their pockets from their bad decisions. And we were everywhere the over spenders were. And we busted their purchase every time we could. And eventually, they were left with enough money to purchase a Zain affordable bundle.

Describe the strategy

It became apparent that if we wanted to help Saudis during these tough times, we needed to complement our product with a strategy to stop the overspending. Our target audience had no age or gender, it had a spending pattern and mindset. So we targeted hoarders, gym membership collectors and serial buyers among others, during their whole useless buying cycle. We used 5 integrated channels, to interrupt the buying cycle at every point. Each channel was strategically chosen to be present at the point of either consideration, impulse, browsing, sale and post-sale. We were there at the point of purchase, stopping the purchase. At the point of impulse, helping them halt the impulse. At the point of consideration, halting the consideration. When they were browsing, helping them make better choices. We were even there at the point of no return, after the purchase, with swapping solutions.

Describe the execution

We started with a series of films that comically highlighted the different personas of over spenders. Then, we launched a swapping program. We gave Saudis a second chance by actually making it possible to exchange their useless purchases for our Zain bundles of MBs and THs. We created a website: www.swaptheuseless.com Over spenders from all around the Kingdom could log in from anywhere, post their useless items and swap them instantly for Zain MB and THs. And for those that were not online? We set up stands at Zain stores and malls. We then recycled all their useless items in partnership with Tadweer. To support our program, we found out where and when people were buying useless things, through social listening, and busted them with our ads on black Fridays, white Fridays and even pink Fridays. We even engineered a Google chrome plugin for ecommerce website that compares prices.

List the results

We successfully interrupted an entire buying cycle. We were literally everywhere and Saudis saw us everywhere. 1100% increase in sales of bundle subscriptions 91 Million Impressions 36 Million Engagement 31M Views with a completion rate 2x higher than industry’s average 1 whole Kingdom, on a new budget mindset.


Name Company Role
Mohammed Bahmishan Publicis communications Support
Mohammed Sehly Leo burnett Concept/Ideation/Execution
Ehab Armanious Leo Burnett Support
Alaa Ghazzi Leo Burnett Support
Khawla Rayes Leo Burnett Support
Fady Yamak Leo Burnett Support
Karim Nazer Leo Burnett Support
Thamer Farsi Publicis Communications Support
Ibrahim Khairallah Telfaz11 Director
Mohammed AlGarawi Telfaz11 Production
Fahad Ammari Telfaz11 Direction
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