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Glass Lynx Award

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Idea Creation LOBSTERS Tunis, TUNISIA
Production LOBSTERS Tunis, TUNISIA
Post Production LOBSTERS Tunis, TUNISIA
Post Production 2 1337 DIGITAL STUDIO Tunis, TUNISIA

Why is this work relevant for Glass: The Award for Change

Tunisia changed its women rights laws with a very progressive law. Unfortunately the lack of attention from media kept this law largely unknown and hence the situation of women relatively unchanged. We created a campaign to change this fact : Make women know about the details of the law by transforming its content and making it a topic addressed in mass media, popular TV and radio programs and by largely followed instagram influencers.


This campaign adresses a unique situation : A lack of awareness about a very progressive women rights law. The 58-2017 Law, preventing violence against women was promulgated in 2017 as one of the most progressive women rights law in the MENA region, tackling physical and moral violence, including cat calling and gender wage gap. Unfortunately remains largely unknown, resulting in women ignoring their basic rights which is a huge barrier to change.

Describe the cultural / social / political climate in your region and the significance of your campaign within this context

The media have been reporting heavily about a rise in case of moral and physical violence towards women. Very little talk was done about the law, largely because of everyone ignoring its details and the protections it offers women. The debate were often focusing on the “moral” aspect rather than educating and informing about the legal one.

Describe the creative idea

The Club Feminin de Carthage, CFC, had an upcoming Super Cup Final game that would be broadcasted nationwide, a rare event in women’s sports in Tunisia. We wanted to use this opportunity to promote the 58-2017 law in an interesting way. So we made the 58-2017 law our brand new Jersey sponsor, 58-2017.tn

Describe the strategy

We transformed the law from a set of articles to a website, 58-2017.tn Seeing this new sponsor on tv, we knew will get people curious and make them check the website. Also we included in the website the law articles in a social media friendly content so it’s easy to download and share on Social media and messaging apps. Making such content available on any women phone, we knew would help them or their friends when they face a situation of moral of physical violence and need to know their rights.

Describe the execution

We launched the website 58-2017.tn before the final and we shared the content on our social Chanels. It was immediately picked up by sports media and later more generalist online media. The team fans shared the social content and it was relayed by major women influencers known for supporting women’s rights cause. The next week we were invited on the number one Radio talk show targeting women and the number one tv talk show where we introduced the initiative and promoted the 58-2017.tn law

Describe the results / impact

Instagram Reels & FB posts with the content of law were viewed more than 200.000 times Cumulative audience reached on TV & Radio (Game, News, TV talk shows, Radio shows…) was above 4M people with TV talk show earning us the attention of 1.8M viewers.


Name Company Role
Aziza Ben amor Lobsters Prod Chief Executive Officer
Mehdi Lamloum Lobsters Prod Executive Creative Director
Amin Khelil Lobsters Prod Associate Creative Director
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