2022 Winners & Shortlists


Bronze Lynx
CategoryProduction Design / Art Direction
Media Placement VODAFONE EGYPT Cairo, EGYPT
Production THE TALKIES Cairo, EGYPT
Post Production THE TALKIES Cairo, EGYPT

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

In a non-standard approach to most business focused films in Egypt, Vodafone took the approach of the problem-solution based song to introduce their new business product, V-Hub. V-Hub from Vodafone offers a one stop shop in all digital business solutions that helps any business, small to big, to achieve all their business needs. The film takes us through the journey of different business owners trying to get by and grow their businesses. Every business is not the same though, as each provides a different insight into the issues a business may face while growing, starting from the smallest shops, to the largest of companies. Four businesses across the film express their displeasure at how things are going and Vodafone’s very own “V-Hub Man” provides the solution in a snappy way, “It’s business with a click”, providing the consumer a straight forward answer to all their business needs, found at Vodafone.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

SOHO’s and SME’s in Egypt struggle to develop and grow. As many local suppliers offer specialized digital solutions that can benefit these workplaces in a specific way, companies and business constantly find themselves overspending on one time solutions that may benefit them more in the short term than in the long term. All this occurs while not having the ideal supplier that they can trust to provide all their business solutions at one time. Vodafone were looking to enter the market of digitizing businesses, but could not offer a lone solution without making a significant impact in the market, meaning..Vodafone wanted to do it bigger and better. To do so, they created a one-stop shop for all digital business solutions, with the introduction of V-Hub, a one-stop digital business platform that provided a range of solutions that could help a business grow from one location, and with one click.

Tell the jury about the production design / art direction. You may wish to comment on choices, challenges or effects.

The most fundamental part of the art direction in the film was that it was all real, but with a twist. It was important to have a dynamic production design that was exaggerated across each situation, which is heavily highlighted in the moving streets at the clothing shop, walls at the pharmacy, the moving stack of money and finally, the rotating chair. Although it looks simple, it was incredibly difficult to execute. Our greatest challenge throughout was the rotating chair. A marvel of a set prop, this rotating chair had our main hero hidden underground and strapped, while another chair was waiting above him. A cast member needed to lip sync, move, sit and hide his legs during the rotation all in one motion, in order to finalize the shot. After almost 4 hours, the shot was completed and mass celebrations rung around the set.


Name Company Role
Nader ElNakoury Freelance Director
Hassan El Sada Wunderman Thompson Cairo Lead Management
Mohamed Fouad Wunderman Thompson Cairo Creative Head
Heba Hosny Wunderman Thompson Business Lead
Heidi Felfella Wunderman Thompson Account Lead
Karim Koura Wunderman Thompson Account Lead
Ahmed El Abi Wunderman Thompson Cairo Creative Lead
Ganna Hesham Wunderman Thompson Cairo Copywriter
Amira Mohammed Wunderman Thompson Cairo Art Director
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