2022 Winners & Shortlists


Short List
Idea Creation ELEPHANT Cairo, EGYPT
Idea Creation 2 NNC Sharjah, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

In the past decade, the percentage of people who read and purchase books has massively declined. While in the past, people turned to books for entertainment, they now turn to interactive and digital multimedia to fill up their free time. However, one thing remains the same: that regardless of whether a person reads a book, or watches a video, it will always pertain to their likes and pastimes. The film starts with a simple question, “Are you into books?”. While the question is simple, those asked were puzzled,  and the film continues to highlight what each person was into, which was mainly everything besides reading. As the cast continues to state their preferred pastimes, the filming becomes more intimate, and closes in on their facial reactions, only to then cut abruptly to a set of different books, just as the film cuts between the diverse cast and their unique preferences.


Name Company Role
Maged Nassar Good People Films Director
Ali Ali Elephant Creative Director
Zeyna Salem Elephant Creative Director
Nevine Ragab Elephant Creative Director
Nada Ayoub Elephant Copywriter
Pierre Mouarkech Good People Films DOP Lighting Cameraman
Khaled Zaki Good People Films Executive Producer
Chantal El Haber Good People Films Producer
Menna Nagy Good People Films Line Producer
Mahitab Ayoub Good People Films Post Producer
Aya Abdel Fatah Good People Films Post Producer
Amr Rabie The Barber Shop Editor
Bilal Hibri Lucid Colorist
Bassam Hussien LZRD VFX
Amr Khaled Good People Films Sound Designer
Veta Chatziioannou Picky Productions Athens Executive Producer
Yannis Karachalios Picky Productions Athens Line Producer
Giannis Georgiou Picky Productions Athens DOP Lighting Cameraman
Danielle Guirguis Smart House Films Amsterdam Executive Producer
Julia Schmidt Smart House Films Amsterdam Line Producer
Thijmen Doornik Smart House Films Amsterdam DOP Lighting Cameraman
Manuel Aguer Pantera & CO Executive Producer
Paloma Torras Pantera & CO Line Producer
Pablo Bernst Pantera & CO DOP Lighting Cameraman
Joe Saadeh Good People Beirut DOP Lighting Cameraman
Hani Talaat Good People Dubai Line Producer
Ahmed Tahoun Good People Dubai DOP Lighting Cameraman
Nada Kamel Elephant General Manager
Rana Zeyada Elephant Account Director
Nora Hussien Elephant Account Manager
Mohamed Nader NNC Manager of Digital Communications
Basma Abaza NNC Client Producer
Mohamed Abu Arab NNC PR Writer
Ruba Al Ajouz Sharjah Book Authority Graphic Designer
Aisha Al Juneibi Al Juneibi Sharjah Book Authority Graphic Designer Team Leader
Khoula Al Mujaini Sharjah Book Authority Director Of Marketing
Yousef Al Taweel NNC CEO
Amani Al Turk Sharjah Book Authority Graphic design officer
Miguel Couto NNC Creative CopyWriter
Fadia Daouk NNC PR Director
Mohammed El Okily NNC Head of Design
Rawan Hassan Sharjah Book Authority Graphic Design Officer
Dima Marmash Marmash Sharjah Book Authority Marketing Co-ordinator
Zaina Moalla NNC Account Manager
Tamara Osman NNC Creative Copywriter
Nour Shihabi NNC Media Buyer
Sherine Thabet NNC Creative CopyWrite