2022 Winners & Shortlists


Short List
Product/ServiceBUS BRANCH

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

The film starts with a criminal disguised as a woman trying to hitchhike in the middle of nowhere. When someone finally stops for the poor woman, two other criminals try to hijack the bus. They then discover that the bus is an automated bank on wheels with no cash to be stolen and no hostages to be held. This creates a humorous dialogue between the bank robbers and the security personnel.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

The commercial is a sequel to another highly successful commercial for the same bank that aired a year earlier. The previous commercial featured the same cast in their attempt to rob a bank, only to discover it is a smart branch with no employees to hold as hostages and no attended cash to be stolen, and the commercial ended with the bank robbers arrested. This film features the same cast as they escape prison trying to hitchhike their way back and hijack a vehicle. To their surprise, the bus that stopped for them is a smart bank bus and it is automated as well.

Provide the full film script in English.

Nobody moves! Everybody on the ground Who are you talking to dude? Again, I’ll tell you that this bank is… Automated? Of course, it’s automated What’s up Sherbiny What’s going on? Automated and mobile, Autobank. Turn’s out it’s automated. Automated And mobile While it’s moving on the road like this, automated? Meaning, You can open a bank account, make a deposit, or transfer money. Good job. What’s the deal whit this bank with us, Sherbiny! Hold on man Why are there so many branches? Is there no money for us to nick, no uhh safe? Where are the machines that count money, Sherbiny? the one that go BRRRR. There’s no BRRRRR or anything like that. Where are the customers that we’re going to tie up? You can tie up a certificate. Not even 200 pounds in there? Wait up man he’s saying we can tie up a certificate. AutoPank Pank! In Arabic AutoBank, In English AutoPank. Looks like we’re bombed. You mean Pomebed Are you really joking right now!? What can I do. He’s saying it’s an AutoPank And by the way, you can get a card in fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes as in a quarter of an hour? -In just a quarter your card would be with you. - Mug the driver do anything…. We broke out of jail Sherbiny to come here! I swear to God guys I feel sorry for you A bunk that isn’t like any other bank, The first mobile and automated bank in Egypt and the Middle East Bank of Egypt, the Egyptian People’s Bank


Name Company Role
Basel Eldeeb Tarek Nour Advertising CEO & Partner at Tarek Nour Holding Group
Ahmed Hamdallah Tarek Nour Advertising Creative Director
Sherif Doss Tarek Nour Advertising Creative Director
Hossam Akil Tarek Nour Advertising Associate Creative Director
Monica Basta Tarek Nour Advertising Senior Graphic Designer
Ahmed Elsebaie Tarek Nour Advertising Copywriter
Hazem Elsaadani Tarek Nour Advertising Managing Director & Head of Business Development
Donia Kassem Tarek Nour Advertising Account Director
Clara Alfred Tarek Nour Advertising Account Executive
Khaled Zaki Good People Films Executive Producer
Moustafa Derbala Good People Films Head of Production
Omar Khalil Good People Films Producer
Mahitab Yasser Ayoub Lzrd Post Producer
Ali Ali Good People Films Director
Ahmed Beshary Good People Films Director Of Photography
Amr Berri Good People Films First Assistant Director
Amr Rabea Lzrd Editor
Ingie El-Mor Good People Films Stylist
Ahmed ElGendy Lzrd Colorist
Ahmed El-Azazy Tarek Nour Advertising Senior Art Director
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