2022 Winners & Shortlists


Short List
Product/ServiceWRANGLER RUBICON 392

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

It's a universal truth that as we grow up, we lose that sense of childlike wonder for the world around us. Life begins to feel smaller, more confined and at times overbearing; you long for that sense of freedom that once was. Told through the story of a young man who is confronted by life's obligations, we see flashes of his innocent past juxtaposed with his struggles of today, until the pure power of the Wrangler Rubicon 392 enables him to free himself, to escape from the pressures of life and breathe again - to become that kid again. Happy, fearless, wild…roaming free.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

Coming off the back of a year predominantly spent confined indoors, we wanted to connect with our audience on a deeper, more visceral level and convey the sense of freedom and adventure that awaits with the new Wrangler Rubicon 392. Our human truth, that as we grow up we begin to feel more confined, more confronted by the things life throws at us, is amplified in our region. Our society, our cultural norms, our familial pressures can at times feel overbearing to the point of feeling caged. In this film we wanted to balance that tension with the feeling of freedom that comes when you put your foot down and roam free in the powerful Wrangler Rubicon 392. We wanted to capture that feeling of breaking free through an invitation to Rewild Yourself.

Tell the jury anything relevant about the direction. Do not name the director.

We wanted to create a portrait of the struggle of man against the shackles of life. To capture that feeling of gradually becoming suffocated with the obligations and responsibilities of circumstance, culture and family. Flashbacks from childhood, visual metaphors of your deepest desires all woven together to create a visceral punch for the viewer. We’ve all felt the brick walls of life, the crushed dreams of our childhood, and we all know how life can make us smaller and subordinate. And deep inside we all crave to escape from its pressures. Sometimes that spark of change can happen just by the blink of an eye as an idea is formed in someone’s mind. The Wrangler Rubicon 392 emerges as the trigger for this liberation. Once you get behind the wheel you become that kid again, roaming free. We wanted everyone to see themselves in this film.


Name Company Role
Nadine Ghossoub Science & Sunshine Chief Executive Officer
Ash Chagla Science & Sunshine Creative Director / Copywriter
Wael Baytamouni Science & Sunshine Associate Creative Director / Art Director
Steven Khoury Science & Sunshine Senior Account Manager
Myriam Ghazal Science & Sunshine Senior Account Manager
Moussa El Fakih Science & Sunshine Account Executive
Melhem Najm Stellantis Middle East Head of Marketing and Digital Middle-East & Africa
Cristina Guida La Licata Stellantis Middle East Head of Marketing Communications - Jeep
Lyda Camargo Stellantis Middle East Brand Marketing & Product Manager - Jeep
Lara Ayoub Agha Stellantis Middle East Head of Social Media and Content Production
Manasvi Gosalia Dejavu Executive Producer
Wadih Safieddine Dejavu Executive Producer
Pedro Pinto n/a Director
Pierre Mouarkech n/a DOP
Hala El Am Dejavu Producer
Marcos Castiel n/a Editor
Diana Asal Dejavu Post Producer
Aeyaz . Dejavu Online Editor / VFX
Tim Smith Cheat Colourist
Wilbur D'Costa Mango Jam Executive Producer
Vaughan Gardiner Mango Jam Composer
Brenton Afonso Mango Jam Sound Designer
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