2022 Winners & Shortlists


Silver Lynx
Product/ServiceHARVEST FOODS CO.
CategoryConsumer Goods
Idea Creation ELEPHANT Cairo, EGYPT

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

The film starts off on a typical Egyptian dad claiming he makes the best fava beans dish in Egypt. The voiceover asks him why he never makes that dish, and the dad replies it’s because he is always busy. From this point forward we keep seeing the dad wasting his time doing silly stuff, and claiming that he is going to prepare the dish right after he finishes what he is doing at that moment. Time flies while we keep chasing that dad seeing him growing older and older while he never makes that dish. The film ends on Harvest’s wide range of recipes changing on a limbo background while the VO says that dads make their legendary beans dish once in a lifetime, while harvest makes the second-best fava beans dish every day.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

Typical Egyptian dads never show off or claim they have any knowledge about how to make or prepare food, the only exception to that rule is when the conversation is about “foul” (fava beans). For some reason, every Egyptian dad thinks he makes the best fava beans dish in the world or even in the history of mankind, and they would always bring that up randomly in any conversation and tell you about their very special recipe. The only problem with this legendary dish is that you may never taste it, because dads also always claim they are very busy.


Name Company Role
Mahmoud Shokri Elephant Creative Director
Abdullah Fareed Elephant Creative Director
Khaled Zaki Good People Films Executive Producer
Mahmoud Derbala Good People Films Head of Production
Omar Khalil Good People Films Producer
Aya Abdel Fatah Good People Films Post Producer
Amr Haddad Good People Films Director
Kamal Samy Good People Films DOP Lighting Cameraman
Mohamed Fakhry Good People Films Art Director
Amr Berri Good People Films First Assistant Director
Amr Rabie The Barber Shop Editor
Aslan Tarek Good People Films Online Artist
Bilal Hibri Lucid Colorist
Hosni Ali Good People Films Sound Designer
Nada Kamel Elephant General Manager
Rana Zeyada Elephant Account Director
Rana El Desouky Elephant Senior Account Executive
Khaled Marie Harvest Foods Co. Marketing Director