2022 Winners & Shortlists


Short List
CategoryConsumer Goods
Idea Creation DDB EGYPT Cairo, EGYPT

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

The film starts with a salesman and a family man inside the MG6 at the showroom, the man says he really likes it but has to wait, “Wait? How long will you keep waiting for?” The salesman asks as he takes him on a journey showing all the situations where an Egyptian family man would typically find himself wasting time, while they both are in the car. as we go through the situations the man’s hair and facial hair grow longer in stages to show longevity. At the end of the journey the salesman says “You’re wasting your life on responsibilities, you need to run” we cut back to them in our first location inside the car at night with man’s beard and hair all grown, the man screams in excitement and rips the beard off, then the film’s mood switches from boredom to it’s cure, speed therapy.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

The Insight of how boring and a waste of time a family man’s life can be because you get stuck in an endless loop of waiting for everything and everyone is a universal insight. Yet the way it is tackled is localized by showing local insights like handymen taking forever to eat and how long their tea breaks are, how Egyptians marry into a family so you have to drive your mother in law everywhere, the cleaning lady visits that take forever and always happen to be on weekends so you have to wait all day to freely use the house, electricity and water outages are also mentioned. The script is written in a way that has continuation in Arabic focusing on word play that gets lost in translation like “Waiting for the bonus to check in, waiting for the test results to come out”.


Name Company Role
Basel Eldeeb DDB Egypt CEO & Partner
Ahmed Hamdalla DDB Egypt Creative Director
Sherif Doss DDB Egypt Creative Director
Begad Hassan Tarek Nour Advertising Senior Art Director
Mahmoud Gahallah Tarek Nour Advertising Senior Copywriter
Alaa Mansour DDB Egypt Senior Art Director
Dalia Khairy DDB Egypt Business Director
Karim Abou Eldahab DDB Egypt Senior Account Manager
Heba Ibrahim Tarek Nour Advertising Account Manager
Amr El Hadad Kay Oh Productions Director