2022 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryConsumer Goods
Idea Creation ELEPHANT Cairo, EGYPT

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

The film starts off on Akram Hosny (an Egyptian comedian, and the brand ambassador of this campaign) dressed as a fireman, standing on a ladder and carrying a man on his shoulder. Instead of helping to put off the fire, he starts announcing the new vanilla icing Twinkies and its brand-new pack. He adds that Twinkies’ is inviting its competitors and everyone else to rip off the new vanilla icing pack design by visiting the website “esra2twinkies.com”, clarifying that Twinkies made the website as easy and convenient as possible for everyone to steal and copy from them, and states that as a brand they have no problem with that what so ever. The film ends on Twinkies packs changing on a limbo background while the VO says that you can easily rip off Twinkies’ look, but you can never rip off Twinkies’ taste.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

Twinkies, the white hearted cake is the number 1 cake in the Egyptian market in its category. All the competitors were copying every move Twinkies made throughout the years including copying the packaging design, and that confused the consumer and harmed Twinkies sales. Instead of fighting this trend we decided in our film spots to invite our competitors and everyone else to rip off the new packs with the help of the micro website that we’ve created out of the goodness of our hearts to help them on their mission, because after all Twinkies is the kindest cake out there.


Name Company Role
Ali Ali Elephant Director
Mahmoud Shokri Elephant Creative Director
Abdullah Fareed Elephant Creative Director
Sarah Touma Good People Films Producer
Pierre Mouarkech Good People Films Cinematographer
Amr Berri Good People Films First Assistant Director
Khaled Zaki Good People Films Executive Producer
Mahmoud Derbala Good People Films Head of Production
Jihad Abu Shady Good People Films Producer
Amr Rabie The Barber Shop Editor
Karim Mira LZRD Colorist
Bassam Hussein LZRD VFX
Nada Kamel Elephant General Manager
Rana Zeyada Elephant Account Director
Rana El Desouky Elephant Senior Account Executive
Ahmed Samy Edita Vice President Marketing
Celine Berzi Edita Marketing Director for International Markets & Innovations
Laila El Chiati Edita Senior Brand Manager
Yasmine Bazan Edita Brand Manager
Nada AboulYazid Edita Assistant Brand Manager
Hussein Aziz Good People Post Producer