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Product/ServiceXBOX SERIES X
CategoryChallenger Brand Strategy

Why is this work relevant for Creative Strategy?

This campaign was a representation of what insight can do if used wisely. With a very limited budget, we used a psychological approach to our creative and hammered more on the channels of distribution to make sure we got more echo from our idea. The strategy was not only the message, it was also the distribution channels, careful influencer selection and clear target audience segmentation.


It's the time of the decade again, console wars are on. one of the biggest competition in gaming sector. Xbox and playstation are launch but this time, both of them are launching their new generation console at the same time. same month. Today we are talking about the launch of Xbox Series X in saudi. The Gaming industry is huge in Saudi. In 2021 the revenue of the Video Games segment has reached $576M. People buy Playstation not because they prefer it but because they know it before Xbox.

The Interpretation of the Challenge (30% of vote)

Playstation or “ Sony “ as what we call it here in Saudi has been in the market for 22 years. People have grown up with them to the point where when they talk about their childhood fun times memories they start talking about PlayStation and it’s games .. “Crash” “Tekken” and “Pepsi Man” Playstation was the perfect reward for any child or a teenager not because they prefer it because they know it before Xbox. Xbox was for people the new product, only people who can travel to the US can get it and even if you get it you cannot enjoy playing it because it is not available to “everyone” But now, people become more open to the world to new things and we need to show them THE MOST POWERFUL gaming console.

The Insight / Breakthrough Thinking (30% of vote)

Lately, most of the games are cross-platforms games which means you can play with your friends using Xbox and get a better experience because of its features. Here, we decided to play on the inner child inside every one of us, every kid thinks that his favorite “ toy “ is the best toy in the world until he meets a new “ Toy “ with better features and more entertaining. We wanted to reach Gen Z to show them the new generation of Xbox without any forced communication because PS is something undebatable for people. Who doesn’t like to be entertained? people spend most of their time on social media watching fun content. So we decided to reach people through entertainment! Using the most known platforms in Saudi, youtube & Snapchat with 2 of the most lovable influencers in Saudi a " half gamer " and a comedian.

The Creative Idea (20% of vote)

We used our brand message: “ Power on “ with our campaign line “power your dreams” to tell people that we have a more powerful device capable of elevating their gaming experience. Creating 2 pieces of content with “ BanderitaX “ and “AboHamdan “ With BanderitaX we created a Youtube episode of him and his friends going on a real treasure hunt experience full of fun and joy and by the end of the episode they found that the treasure was Xbox series X, it was followed with another episode explaining the features of the new Xbox. Using Snapchat With “ AboHamdan “ we created a full story for him discovering a new thing sent to him by a stranger with bodyguards followed by a story of him trying Xbox for the first time. Next, the experience! Retweet Bendrita to enter a draw for 3 consoles and game pass subscriptions!

The Outcome / Results (20% of vote)

And as soon as we started the campaign, we were able to entertain more than 12 Million people and sell out the device completely. And kind of, we're in the toy box.

Please tell us about how the work challenged / was different from the brands competitors

Playstation reached a level of overconfidence in their market reach that they used generic medium, Burj Khalifa to announce the release of their device losing the personalization aspect. We at Xbox on the other hand connected with our audience genuinely by understanding their behaviors and likes and tailoring our social and influencer usages to deliver a very precise message answering their needs in a gaming device.


Name Company Role
Mohammed Hamadah Fullstop Advertising & Marketing Company Associate Creative Director
Adham Abdelraheem Fullstop Advertising & Marketing Company Account Manager
Haitham Elementary Fullstop Advertising & Marketing Company General Manager
Khalid Abdelaziz Fullstop Advertising & Marketing Company Planning
Omar Alabdali Fullstop Advertising & Marketing Company CEO
Salih AlZuhair Fullstop Advertising & Marketing Company non
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