2022 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryData & Analytics & Insight

Why is this work relevant for Creative Strategy?

This campaign is relevant to creative strategy because it used the brand’s pure business core competency in celebrating a holiday with the average citizens that normally would have not interacted or understood what the company represents or does.


Situation: DRC is a market research and data analytics company that is well known to business professionals, however, because it is a B2B company, it remains unknown to the average citizen. Brief: Launch a video to celebrate Eid. Objectives: DRC wanted to hit two birds with one stone: the first, was to celebrate Eid with an ad that can touch the hearts of everyone, the second was to show professionals that DRC understands the local market better than anyone.

The Interpretation of the Challenge (30% of vote)

The challenge DRC was facing was the fact that it is a B2B business which makes it virtually unknown to the average citizen. Finding a way to celebrate Eid with society while maintaining the spirit of the brand and communicating its purpose required a new angle and unusual execution. This was achieved by utilizing the research capabilities of DRC in analyzing the Eid traditions and engaging the mass audience.

The Insight / Breakthrough Thinking (30% of vote)

The idea was first born from the fact that in Arabic the word “Analyze” can also mean “Make the most out of”. We used this to send a double message to our audiences: “Analyze Eid” & “Make the most of Eid”. What also supported the idea further was the consideration of two factors: First, research can be utilized to dissect anything, and second, people enjoy seeing accurate details about themselves and their culture. We figured that Eid was the perfect occasion to target with this idea.

The Creative Idea (20% of vote)

DRC conducted real research on Saudi Eid habits and produced a detailed report dissecting what people do, wear, and eat during Eid. After that the report was made available to the public and was launched with a video telling the story of a DRC employee that misinterprets his boss saying to him “Hallel Al Eid” which can mean two completely different things, “Enjoy Eid to the max” or “Analyze Eid” and the employee understood it as the latter and went on to fully analyze Eid. Creating a report to analyze Eid helped give DRC visibility with Saudi audiences from all segments and achieved the goal of celebrating Eid while communicating the brand’s core value.

The Outcome / Results (20% of vote)

The campaign’s video gaind 1.6 million views, the Eid report was downloaded over 30,000 times and 45,000 people participated in the online activation test designed to measure your Eid spirit. These points of interaction helped the brand engage general audiences that would have not normally interacted with a market research and data analytics company and it also maintained the essence of the company’s purpose and business.


Name Company Role
Hassan AlAnsari Habbar lead of the team
wafaa abdullah Habbar copywriter
ghada Alosaimi Habbar copywriter
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