2022 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryData & Analytics & Insight
Media Placement CARAT Cairo, EGYPT
Post Production LIZARD FILM Cairo, EGYPT

Please tell us about the long term strategic planning

Egyptians love food, and authentic-Egyptian dishes were holy; untouched by western sauces. With our brand affected worldwide by Egypt's market we needed to create communication that can speak many languages. Local relevance and global impact was tricky; we needed to set the scene and then reinforce it. Our first invitation, featured a legend with his specialty dish. Enticing a pattern of consumer trials, and moving away from the average ketchup-on-burger combination. Our second invitation, gave further reassurance to the different local combinations that can be used. Locally, seeing different dishes and local figures advocating to use it meant, globally, an invitation to play with your food, which everyone understood. Everyone would then be encouraged to test Heinz with their favorite dish, creating a ripple effect. Changing consumption habits, changing culture, altering brand perception and by understanding the rawest consumer insight, we had the ability to change all that.

Why is this work relevant for Creative Strategy?

Heinz, was a global giant and a local market leader; but with great success comes even bigger stagnation. We had to think ahead and spark something that would creating a lasting effect. We couldn't tap into new consumers; because we had them. Studying the consumer behavior and market trends we found the winning ticket; we needed to increase consumption per capita. Egyptians had a strongly routed misconception that Heinz was used only on western food. With such a highly opinionated culture, we dove in nose-first to introduce a new controversial consumption occasion, using local authentic dishes, four local food legends.


Heinz always prevailed due to their quality and consumer preference to the taste. Heinz always took consumer-obsessed to a new level and constantly showed their vision; to sustainably grow by delighting more consumers globally. Globally, Heinz would select the brands and tailor products to adapt to different markets. Having been the Egyptian market leaders for so long but with zero growth; we needed to create a buzz that would impact the brand for a longer period of time, we had to move now. We needed to correct the misconception and increase consumption per capita. Key objectives: 1) Ads viewership & engagement worldwide 2) Sustain and gain +50% market penetration in Egypt by 2020 3) Sustain and gain +50% market share in Egypt by 2020 4) Increase consumption per capita by 3x in Egypt

The Interpretation of the Challenge (30% of vote)

There existed a huge gap between the brand promise and brand values that Heinz stood for and what was happening in Egypt. The brand wasn't being tailored to the consumer and their consumers limited the use to a very specific occasion. It wasn't that they didn't love the brand, it was just that they loved the brand on-occasion. We needed the existing target audience to completely change their mindset and the way they view and use our product; using only our communication. But Egyptians are hard-headed and stubborn; if something works they don't come close to it. We needed consumers to buy into our idea and start using our sauces on a daily basis with every single plate they consume, as well as hopefully start creating their own new legendary plates that combine our sauces.

The Insight / Breakthrough Thinking (30% of vote)

Conducting research alone was a challenge! Consumers knew ketchup meant Heinz, but now Heinz only meant western cuisines. Knowing the influence and purchasing power of youth, we focused our efforts on understanding the Gen Z's. We conducted research and surveys to understand; the Egyptian youth's behavior and consumption patterns towards food. We found that people mainly focused on three things: 1) controversial food combinations, 2) food challenges, 3) fastest consumption. Building on these findings, we conducted an experiment; we got one person within a group to add ketchup and mayo to different dishes and monitored the reactions! Although this created a heated conversation, we realized it was never a negative one. Our key insight from the experiment; Ketchup and Mayo are western sauces; and associated with western food, only. We decided to change the narrative into a food fight and a good fight between them; introduce a controversial consumption occasion.

The Creative Idea (20% of vote)

But it was still tricky to get to consumer's hearts. So, instead of your average chef, we sparked the trend with a catchy tune from a national food icon, El Brens. For foreigners; El Brens is a tourist site, and for locals; his trip, is cause for a celebration. From owner of the infamous food chain restaurants, to the ambassador of food combinations; El Brens challenged the norm and urged consumers in an entertaining yet authoritative way singing, Heinz Ketchup; "It works". The first film featured El Brens with his infamous chicken liver dish, introducing the concept. The second film features El Brens along with three other national favorites and widely-known food icons from different home-grown categories; creating a ripple effect and introducing their specialty plates in combination with Ketchup and Mayo. Striking a chord with consumers was difficult, our only chance was using deeply-rooted highly-trusted advocates.

The Outcome / Results (20% of vote)

Heinz Sauces, increased their 80% market share to 85%, 76% of existing consumers increase consumption per capita by 5x, and ketchup saw a 3% volume growth in the first month. A strong digital debate between consumers leveraged the #Heinz_works challenge which was moved to Tiktok and 67K users contributed by creating their own dishes using Heinz sauce. Organically, the first film saw 160K views on the first day, Youtube cost-per-view was -30% vs. industry average, and four times the average click-through-rate on all social media platforms. Given tiktok's popularity amongst the youth; our second film saw a staggering 1.5B views worldwide, 120M views in Egypt with a benchmark of only 40K. And with ElBrens inviting other local brands, the rest felt comfortable and promoted their own; Heinz-with-our-specialty-plate edition. We managed to carry the brand from success, to more success.


Name Company Role
Mohamed Wasfy Bubblegum Advertising Management
Wael Azzam Bubblegum Advertising Executive Creative Director
Tamer Hassan Bubblegum Advertising Managing Director
Ahmed Wasfy Bubblegum Advertising Businesses Development Manager
Mostafa Dayan Bubblegum Advertising Creative
Mohamed El Behairy Bubblegum Advertising Copywriter
Hamza Bahaa Bubblegum Advertising Copywriter
Mahmoud Seddawy Bubblegum Advertising Copywriter
Salma Badr Bubblegum Advertising Copywriter
Belal Abbas Bubblegum Advertising Art Director
Mahmoud Galal Bbblegum Advertising Art Director
Khaled Rabea Bubblegum Advertising Working on the master visuals and all the graphic visual elements though the campaign
Bassam Ehab Bubblegum Advertising Working on the master visuals and all the graphic visual elements though the campaign
Nesma Soliman Bubblegum Advertising Working on the master visuals and all the graphic visual elements though the campaign
Rodina Abdelhamed Bubblegum Advertising Working on graphic visual elements though the campaign
Alia Azzouz Bubblegum Advertising Working on the graphic visual elements though the campaign
Khaled Khedr Bubblegum Advertising Working on the graphic visual elements though the campaign
Wael El Sawaf Bubblegum Advertising Senior Finalizer
Ahmed Fouad Bubblegum Advertising Finalizer
Sefein Naguib Bubblegum Advertising Finalizer
Marc Buccianti Bubblegum Advertising Senior Account Manager
Mohamed Abdel Latif Bubblegum Advertising Account Supervisor
Mai Samiry Bubblegum Advertising Senior Account Executive
Mohamed Omran Bubblegum Advertising Agency Producer
Tarek Nojara Nojara Productions Executive Producer
Victor Credi Nojara Productions DOP
Hesham Mahdy Nojara Productions Production Designer
Mona El Tonsi Nojara Productions Stylist
Mostafa Helal Lzrd Editor
Karim Mira Lzrd Colorist
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