2019 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryFast Moving Consumer Goods
Idea Creation MESHBAK Riyadh, SAUDI ARABIA
Media Placement MESHBAK Riyadh, SAUDI ARABIA


Saudi Arabia entered the world cup 2018 after 12 years of absence, the announcement shook social media specially twitter, main platform in KSA. As the 2nd most interactive country on social media during world cup, brands were trying to use this event as an umbrella for their marketing activities & promotions. The amount of money spent on advertising during the world cup is about 80 billion $, mostly in forms of promotions, media & influencers. However, Little Caesars wanted to create a bigger story, show support to the Saudi team and get the Saudi audience engaged. It was challenging to be heard & differentiated among thousands of local & international brands trying to reach the same audience at the same time. Our goal was to create a creative, meaningful and continuously engaging campaign & not to go with the wave by focusing on spending more on media channels & influencers.

Describe the creative idea.

We started from a very basic insight, Saudi audience is discussing the game over twitter. They want to support Saudi team specially at the opening match between Saudi & Russia. So, we decided to send Little Caesar to attend this match using “tweets”. While most of the brand were focusing on spending more money on promotions, Little Caesars conducted a different approach. We created “tweet-a-step” microsite where people can help Little Ceaser move from Riyadh towards Moscow in real-time. Visualizing the trip shows the audience the direct impact of their support & motivates them to tweet more. This approach turned the campaign into an infinity pool of engagement as people were excited to continuously tweeting to make Little Ceaser arrive to Moscow before the match begins. The site also displays the latest hashtag tweets, distance taken until the moment, and the remaining distance until the goal is reached.

Describe the strategy.

We wanted to move the campaign out of social media to avoid the clutter of promotions. Targeting mostly Saudi males from ages 20-35 with smart phones & access to internet. The strategy was focusing on finding both emotional and physical driver for this young audience that keep the engagement going continuously without spending more on media. We wanted to have a solution that starts from social media but goes beyond. So, We decided to create a microsite represent social engagement into visual meter updated Instantaneously. “Tweet-a-step”, shows a road map between Riyadh - home of Little Caesars KSA - and ?Moscow, the city where opening match occurs. Once a user tweet in the hashtag, a step towards Moscow is taken, the step meter, distance taken & distance left are updated. This campaign gave people chance to support the national team while getting a chance to win pizza for 4 years!

Describe the execution.

Once we decided to go with the infinity engagement strategy, we calculated the distance between Riyadh and Russia in miles, then calculated the equivalent human steps needed to reach the final destination .These steps needed to be achieved within a tight timeline, 7 days before the opening match. The campaign was announced among all social media channels such as twitter, instagram, facebook & snapchat and influencers. The first call of action was promoting the emotional benefit “tweet a step to support the saudi team”. While the other one tackled the physical aspect “Tweet to get a chance to win 4 years of pizza”. Using these two aspects has doubled the impact on customers & deepens the connection with Little Caesars brand. A social benefit also has played a major role in this campaign as football games is usually a social activiy that is influenced by friends & colleagues.

List the results.

The campaign goal was to make Little Caesars reach Moscow within 7 days. This message was promoted among all social media channels to encourage people tweet & view the progress directly on the campaign website. Although there were hundreds of campaigns & promotions at that time, the goal was achieved in 3 days, (140%) success rate . The infinity campaign gained a cumulative of 13 million views online and was the fastest to reach millions in Little caesars history. In twitter platform only, the hashtag achieved 34.9 million impressions, 23K tweets, 8.7K profile visits, 9K mentions. The website visits reached 9K visitors per day. The campaign was discussed positively as it broke the traditional scope of digital campaigns. By the end of the campaign, sales was reported to increase about 20% during and following the campaign. Saudi team didn’t win the cup but for sure Little Caesars did!


Name Company Role
Khansa Mahmoud Abunaji Meshbak Managing Director
Rasha Saiffudin enigma Digital Creative Director
Sumayah Deen Meshabk Key Account manager
Shahad Almahboob Meshabk Senior Copywriter
Khaled Alshehri Osloob Head of web develpment
Lamya Alkhathlan Meshabk Senior Graphic Designer
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