2019 Winners & Shortlists


EntrantAD Cairo, EGYPT
CategoryCharities & Non-profit
Idea Creation AD Cairo, EGYPT
Production AD Cairo, EGYPT


All of us agree that human beings neither live happily nor productive with any shortage of security. So, imagine how Egyptian women live with the following fact. A survey showed that 99% of Egyptian women experienced sexual harassment at some point in their lives -According to a study issued by the United Nations in 2013. This horrible statistic has the ability to grab any sense of security in women and men as well, because those women could be a member of their family or even a friend, who unfortunately faced any kind of harassment in Egypt before!

Describe the creative idea.

So since our campaign is designed to make a real impact on the society; we decided to get closer to the Egyptian street and study this phenomenon. The dark comedy here that the study was the easiest task because simply the issue is clear everywhere, and by observation we found that when Egyptian women are harassed; their first yell at the harasser is the word “Animal!” (one of the Egyptian’s slang language words used in insulting people). Since we target youth who are internet geeks; we chose the well-known identification icon “I’m not a robot” and blend it with the observation we have “animal” to bring “I’m not an animal” Making it a new identification icon to make men think, rank and ask themselves to stay human. That was the campaign’s seed that helped us to execute it well.

Describe the strategy.

We decided to take it positively by criminalizing the act not the actor. Also, by attempting to direct men to elevate themselves and refrain from harassment; by placing harassment in its real image which is simply an animal characteristic. Animals are the creatures that can’t control their lust, in addition they may rape and force sex as well too, so it not always a choice for the female’s animals too. This directly hit men by the simple fact that humans are the only selected creature within all creatures that have the ability of choosing, thinking and control. That make them proud and want to stick to be humans and ashamed to lose this humanity.

Describe the execution.

We made three visuals with picture of two animals the male who is harassing and force mating, while the female is defeating, and not feeling comfortable with the situation. For the art direction, since we are building our idea on facts and logic; we chose to be straight forward. We chose a decent photo so as not to hurt the audiences by any chance. We put the fusion we made “I’m not an animal” as an identification icon on these photos. We assured that we wanted our copy to make the audiences think and actually ask and identify themselves. So we put the following “only animals can’t control their lust. Stay human .. stop harassment” Adding a hashtag with our campaign “#iamNotananimal” to make it go viral by men not women only, that will encourage males to share the hashtag announcing that they support and consider themselves humans not animals.

List the results.

Reach: 520,216 Engagement: 57,166


Name Company Role
Ahmed Abu Bakr AD (Art Dimension) Creative Director
Mohamed Tawfik AD (Art Dimension) Art Director
Mostafa Zidan AD (Art Dimension) Copywriter
Amira Yousri AD (Art Dimension) General Manager
Abdulrahman Al-Fantokh AD (Art Dimension) CEO
Sameer Alahdal AD (Art Dimension) EVP
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