2019 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryFast Moving Consumer Goods
Media Placement SPARK FOUNDRY Beirut, LEBANON
Production ANGHAMI Beirut, LEBANON
Additional Company CHOUEIRI GROUP Beirut, LEBANON


The main objective was to drive sales on the newly launched Oreo Enrobed SKU in both Lebanon & Jordan. Being the leader within its category, Oreo benefits from a strong emotional connection with the audience which could aid in smoothly launching a new SKU. The new edition involved a partnership with a strong brand within Mondelez which also has good heritage in the region: Cadbury Dairy Milk. The challenge was the lack of offline support to complement the Digital launch which was the only mix we selected for Oreo Enrobed. Knowing the usual mix of media, the challenge was to both launch Oreo to the mass while driving purchase intent in-store through online. In terms of business KPIs, we can mention Sales & offtake % in key accounts. On a media level, Reach was our main KPI alongside Video Views which are key to help us spread the news.

Describe the creative idea.

Placing Mobile at the heart of our strategy & Music as a core insight, we picked Anghami to allow us to be present on our users’ first screens wherein the consumption of content is high given its nature: Music/Audio.Around 50% of our budget was allocated behind Mobile covering different touchpoints on this crucial component.This is the first Digital campaign after being silent for more than 2years, the only and main difference is that for this comeback the media mix was richer and more varied for an amplified Reach.The consumers have been so used to standard ads across Digital touchpoints that they tend to skip or miss a new message as they zap through their feeds.Audio has been on the rise nowadays as it captures a user attention differently vs usual ads.It creates this special connection with a user emotions, especially when it’s personalized.It was our chosen content vehicle.

Describe the strategy.

We opted for a mass communication for the campaign as we wouldn’t limit consumption to limited clusters, biscuits is largely devoured and depends on multiple personal factors/desires applicable to any age/gender/.. and other demographics filters. In terms of creative and media strategy, we opted for a mix of snackable & short content with appetizing elements that could attract our users’ attention amid a cluttered Digital scene. The media mix included a range of mass portals allowing us to spread the news using contextual targeting as well as high frequency to be able to mark an impactful comeback. Our sole objective was to pick the best selections of portals covering: Mass + High consumption such as a Music app where the big bulk of our audience would be consuming content. Using a Music source allowed us to hit most of our consumers with appetizing messaging.

Describe the execution.

We resorted to Social, Video & Display to spread the word and create mass awareness via Reach & Video Views objectives.We partnered up with Anghami to create a unique experience on Mobile allowing the brand to get associated with an important and remarkable comeback while playfully launching their new SKU.Anghami was selected for the emotional layer which couldn’t be offered by other mediums sometimes.The period of the campaign fell under the Christmas season, and the newness of this product was about its Chocolate-wrapping.We found a matching concept of wrapping with chocolate and unwrapping “a gift” through music.To engage users, a standalone page was created where users were invited to “Unwrap a Christmas Playlist" made based on their music DNA, and guaranteed to please their unique tastes.

List the results.

The activation led to outstanding outcome! 404 playlists vs. a benchmark of 200. Furthermore, results revealed that users spent 15 minutes listening to the generated playlist – which is around 5 songs per user on average! And that’s simply because it was tailor-made by Anghami to suit their specific music taste. Moreover, a 23% increase in market sell-in volumes was recorded, as well as substantial Increase in sell-out. Mobile is definitely a go-to touchpoint should the brand desire to connect with its consumers on a deeper level, a medium to be considered within future media mixes. Given that it was a first-in-market use of a technology, specially by tying the Wrapping/Unwrapping concept – Oreo has smartly leveraged an engaging format within Anghami and played on the gifting season during a heated period of consumption. Users engagement mentioned above has shown their high interest in interacting with Oreo’s activation on Anghami.


Name Company Role
Sarah Eid Spark Foundry Lebanon (Publicis Media Lebanon) Media Manager
Mia Daher Spark Foundry Lebanon (Publicis Media Lebanon) Senior Digital Planner
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