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There is a growing pub & bar culture in Dubai, where people have a multitude of options to choose from- pubs, lounges, rooftop bars, hotel bars, theme bars. Most trending & popular ones have a strong social presence, are centrally located and connected with their consumers on a daily basis. The Irish Village lost its glory & was forgotten in the minds of the consumer. A distinguished identity had to be created for the brand to stand out, connect and give a valuable reason to visit, thereby helping to re-build the image of The Irish Village.

Describe the creative idea.

Transform the notion people have about The Irish Village from just another Irish pub to THE Irish pub and make it a LOVEMARK. Activate the dormant emotions that people feel for The Irish Village, through the campaign 'There is I V in everything you feel @ The Irish village'. Usage of words, that have the letters I and V in them, comprised from the core elements of the brand - music, food, beer, matches, festivals, concerts, conversation. Going on to further create user-generated content asking consumers to share their feelings.

Describe the strategy.

The Irish Village's target audience comprises of 23 to 60-year-old men and women, in the higher income bracket across all nationalities (Europeans, Americans, Asians, UAE Locals, and Middle Eastern expats) who enjoy laidback, casual weekend activities. Consumers enjoy a story around their favorite restaurants and food brands, keeping the key developed insight. Create Hype & curiosity with a teaser campaign with words that define the experiences at The Irish Village through different social engagement (LIVE, STRIVE, CAPTIVATE and more) The campaign then revealed ‘There is IV in everything you feel @ The Irish village' In order to emotionally connect with the consumers, created user-generated content asking people to share words that have IV in them and which describe their experience at the Irish Village

Describe the execution.

The campaign began by first connecting the core elements of The Irish Village to words with IV, and thereon having all communication regarding every experience or event with words that have IV in it. The idea was executed in-tandem on all social platforms where there was a definitive change in the design language of the brand along with consistent messaging and imagery. This was aimed at creating an increased brand recall, which helped to encourage positive conversation around The Irish Village. A Great response and engagement resulted in changed perception, helping build the brand identity for a great turnout overall. The campaign initiated in November continues to engage and win he hearts amongst its customers.

List the results.

The campaign successfully generated a positive buzz around The Irish Village and was able to set itself apart from others in the same genre. Generating more than over 6.18 million impressions, 3.1 million reach and over 47% engagement increase. The campaign resulted in a significant increase in the footfall reviving The Irish Village and putting it on the map again.


Name Company Role
Ganesh Iyer FLC Group Managing Director
Nidhi Sehgal FLC Group Director- Strategy & Planning
Saravana Ramakrishnan FLC Group Creative Director
Adriana Usvat FLC Group Managing Director
Vriti Sachanandani FLC Group Content Manager
Sajith Lal FLC Group Graphic Designer
Bharat FLC Group Account Manager
Duleep, Sanjay & Shakun Triune Consultants
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