2019 Winners & Shortlists


Short List
CategoryInfluencer / Talent
Idea Creation SHARE CONSEIL Casablanca, MOROCCO
Media Placement SHARE CONSEIL Casablanca, MOROCCO
Production SHARE CONSEIL Casablanca, MOROCCO


For the 5th time in our history, we tried to host the FIFA World Cup. Once the announce was made, moroccan people express their skepticism regarding this bidding. In Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram people were sarcastic and said that it's a waste of time and money. Just like this bidding, our objectives was quite ambitious: 1. Switch moroccans mindset and make them support and believe in this national dream; 2. Engage people on Social Media and push them to support positively the moroccan initiative; 3. Make noise and promote our candidacy abroad especially targeting Arab and European countries.

Describe the creative idea.

Give a new #Breath to this candidacy through a journey that will take us to different countries to meet 26 celebrities from 26 different nationalities and ask them to support our candidacy. The trip will be made by a young influencer and a deflated balloon (a representation of the low morale of moroccans) which will fill by the breath of celebrities. For the symbolic of the "New Breath", Celebrities will be asked to give their breath in front of the camera before naming another celebrity and ask him/her to receive our influencer and do the same thing.

Describe the strategy.

Since skepticism was expressed mainly on social media networks, we naturally chose Facebook and Youtube (the main social media networks in Morocco and around the world) to broadcast the whole adventure. We privileged Football celebrities to visit and involve in our quest. Our approach was viral, encouraging each celebrity to name 2 others and ask them to receive our influencer. By doing that, we can increase our reach and our chances to meet well known people. Also, we made sure to have celebrities based in the United States, which is the leading country of UNITED 2026, our only opponent.

Describe the execution.

We chose to use Social Media platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter) of our influencer: Saad Abid. The idea was to present this as a personal initiative and support the fact that these celebrities have not been paid by our government. We also created a website www.maymkench2026.com that retraced the entire campaign. In term of formats, we produced: Vlog Episodes, Pictures, Live Videos on Facebook and Instagram Stories. To engage a little more Internet Users, we invited them to film themselves giving their Breaths to this candidacy in front of the camera and post their videos on Social Media platforms using the hashtag: #Maymkench2026. Timeline: We started our campaign April, 24th and we ended it by June, 8th (just few days before the vote in Moscow).

List the results.

The results were incredibly huge: 1. Daily Reach: +500.000 people on official platforms only 2. Total Reach: +100M People 3. Shares: +50.000 on official platforms only 4. Views: +20M 5. Free Media: +1M USD The most important KPI for us was the Positive Reactions and we've got more than 1M on official platforms only!


Name Company Role
Achraf LEMNINI Share Conseil Chief Executive Officer
Soufiane IBENBRAHIM Share Conseil Chief Operating Officer
Marouane EL HANAFI Share Conseil Chief Creative Officer
Fay├žal RETTALI Share Conseil Associate Creative Director
Walid EL HAJJAR Share Conseil Account Executive
Ilias EL IDRISSI Share Conseil Art Director
Hajar NASSI Share Conseil Art Director
Ali EL OUILANI Share Conseil Post Production
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