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In the Middle East, fast food delivery is outpacing traditional in-store channels but KFC was lagging behind its competitors. Moreover, even when people did order KFC for delivery, 83% of the time they chose to call in their order, which is a high cost channel. Only 2% of delivery orders were through the website. We needed to change this. Not only for KFC, but to give our KFC chicken lovers an easier and more convenient way to order when the craving for fried chicken hits. KFC asked for a campaign that would get more people to order online by making it easier and more fun to order. So instead of dialing a number, they would tap their phone to order now. Without having to go through the existing website experience.

Describe the creative idea.

Welcome to The KFC Scroll Thru. It’s like a Drive Thru but in your social feed, Drive Thru window, menu and dedicated employees included. It’s the first ever wholly digital branch on social media, allowing people to scroll by for a bite when they’re scrolling along their feeds on their 90-meter daily scrolling journey. Leveraging the shoppable format, Facebook Collection Ad, you can choose your meal right at the Scroll Thru window in your social feed. Meanwhile our Scroll Thru employee presents today’s meals, helps you choose and entertains you if you can’t decide, all bringing the face-to-face service of the physical Drive Thru to social, giving this often very sales-driven channel a human and entertaining touch. The KFC Scroll Thru is KFC’s newest branch making it easier and more seamless to order your favorite KFC chicken. All conveniently placed where you’ll pass it the most: Your social feed.

Describe the strategy.

The Arab youth are huge social content consumers, so much so that they scroll through more than 90 meters of content a day. So we harnessed the power of social to drive orders in a content-driven way. But we wanted to go beyond creating ads driving people to KFC’s website. We turned the Collection Ad format into content that not only drove orders but also engagement and shareability with humorous stories unfolding in the Scroll Thru, made to be consumed on social newsfeeds. Moreover, we created multiple versions of videos to retarget people who didn’t order the first time, but not just in a cold functional way. We wanted these to also be equally thumb-stopping so each video had a new, entertaining and unexpected story to tell. Not only did we create a drive-thru in people’s newsfeeds, we turned social ads into enjoyable and shareable content.

Describe the execution.

We opened The KFC Scroll Thru window in social feeds and on websites all over the Middle East, making sure to be there for people on any part of their daily scrolling journey. For those who weren’t hungry enough to order when they scrolled through the first time, the employee and his hardworking colleagues inspired them to do so in surprising ways the next time they scrolled by. Each visit to the KFC Scroll Thru would have an entertaining and unexpected story unfolding in the kitchen, keeping the viewers’ attention throughout the film – and making them curious about the next. And like with any other branch opening, we created an awareness campaign around our Scroll Thru opening, unfolded in display banners all over the Internet. 27 films were pushed in the campaign to make sure this new branch will live on in social feeds all over the region.

List the results.

After just 6 days, the KFC Scroll Thru had already made people hungry: • Over 10 million people reached within the strategic targets • Click-trough-rate is 5 times higher than benchmark • 10 times more engagements than usual • 670,000 clicks to website • The number of online orders increased by 7.4% And the numbers continue to rise.


Name Company Role
Juggi Ramakrishnan Memac Ogilvy Dubai Chief Creative Officer
Gautam Wadher Memac Ogilvy Dubai Group Creative Director
Majken Gram Memac Ogilvy Dubai Associate Creative Director
Troels Popp Memac Ogilvy Dubai Associate Creative Director
Shamim Ansari Memac Ogilvy Dubai Senior Art Director
Muhammad Umair Memac Ogilvy Dubai Senior Digital Art Director
Tariq Hussein Memac Ogilvy Dubai Designer
Sameer Shirke Memac Ogilvy Dubai Layout Designer
Jaison George Memac Ogilvy Dubai Sr. Layout Designer
Maya ElKai Memac Ogilvy Dubai Copywriter
Aditya Hariharan Memac Ogilvy Dubai Copywriter
Luke Morris Memac Ogilvy Dubai Head of Production
Ishana Tolani Memac Ogilvy Dubai Account Director
Shauna Byrne Memac Ogilvy Dubai Senior Account Manager
Maha Najem Memac Ogilvy Dubai Account Manager
Mohammad Hijazi Memac Ogilvy Dubai Account Executive
Alaa Nour Memac Ogilvy Dubai Account Executive
Matthieu Vercruysse Social Lab General Manager
Leandra Koopman Social Lab Digital Campaign Executive
Umer Farooq Memac Ogilvy Dubai Digital Campaign Manager
Damayanti Purkayastha Memac Ogilvy Dubai Strategy Director
Zeena Ismail Memac Ogilvy Dubai Strategic Planner
Anna Domaneschi Freelance Producer
Jomana Ayoub Filmmaster Production Division
Ben Callner Freelance Director
Mariam Kiwan KFC Digital Director
Ozge Zoralioglu KFC Chief Marketing Officer
Zaher Alzahr Freelance Editor & Online
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