2019 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryCharities & Non-profit


Situation: UNICEF is the world leading children organization with a global footprint. Although globally acclaimed and advocated for; UNICEF is not a renowned name in the region; given the socio-political climate in the region causing lack of trust towards western organizations.The GCC represent a high source of donations where people are driven by faith to contribute to a social cause and fulfill their religious duties. Nonetheless, people are most likely to contribute to national initiatives and local organizations that are of relevance to them as opposed to UNICEF. Brief: To drive donation during the month of Ramadan. Objective: 1) Creating more engagement with the brand 2) Generate more donations during the holy month of Ramadan vs. 2017, going directly to support children in distress in troubled areas such as Syria and Rohingya.

Describe the creative idea.

Convincing to donate takes time because people love procrastinating. We had to convince people to take action at a time when all brands shout the same message. Our insight came from a simple human insight that is very personal and relevant to our everyday life - we are all waiting for something – The next season of Game of Thrones, the clock to hit 6, football over the weekend… But while we wait, there are children around the world waiting for necessities like food, clean water, a roof over their head… Waiting to be given a fair chance. We saw an opportunity to make our communication more personal and create a connection between UNICEF’s initiatives and what we do in our life. Asking our audience to make whatever they were waiting for, count.

Describe the strategy.

The societal values of the Arab world are built on the foundations of faith; caring for the less fortunate and giving. And herein our broader audience that we wanted to reach is anyone who is willing to contribute to a greater cause in whichever way or means they can. We gave the word “UNTIL” a much richer meaning that could transcend and live beyond Ramadan. We made it relevant and personal in every interaction with our audience. Until Iftar - #BreakTheirFast Until Suhoor - #BreakTheirFast Until Eid - #BreakTheirFast We designed a content-first strategy to go personal with our audience by contextualizing the “Unitl” platform through a countdown till Ramdan/Iftar/Suhoor/Eid to create a sense of urgency and immediate call to action. We wanted to make everyone realize that the time to help is NOW. Moreover, our content capitalized on relevant causes in the region to increase consideration and donations.

Describe the execution.

Our media strategy was built on precision targeting and serving the right message at the right time in the right context. We planned to be present where our audience spends most time during Ramadan (on social platforms, reading content on various websites, catching on Ramadan content etc.) making sure our content was designed and timed around Ramadan moments such as Iftar/Suhoor/Eid. Through dynamic creative optimization we were able to serve content in real time as our audience was waiting for the next occasion. Through the usage of various influencers we were able to spread our message and advocate for UNICEF to help complement UNICEF efforts. Various media partners offered complementary media exposure on OOH, Print and Radio.

List the results.

- 17x more donations compared to last Ramadan. - 3:1 return on media spends - 3X more donations just before Iftar time and Suhoor time as compared to rest of the day, - 5X more donations earned from countdown Video on social as compared to other content.


Name Company Role
Nixon Dias Mindshare Copywriter
Ammar Safi Mindshare Invention Director
Tuki Ghiassi Mindshare Regional Head of Innovation
Hala Ghazal Mindshare Video Editor
Bipin Mohan Mindshare Designer
Patrick McNulty Mindshare Social Media Manager
George Chivi Mindshare Exchange Executive
Sneha Grover Mindshare Media Manager