2019 Winners & Shortlists


Short List
EntrantFP7/CAI Cairo, EGYPT
CategorySocial Video
Idea Creation FP7/CAI Cairo, EGYPT
Media Placement STARCOM Cairo, EGYPT


Situation : Damagh Tanya is an internet bundle for youth from Etisalat. They had a problem, their communication has been far from effective to their target, With ads scoring very little relevance to the youth. Our brief was to reposition the rusty and inconsistent brand of Damage Tanya, into a new and fresh relatable sub brand with a distinct look and feel to the youth.

Describe the creative idea.

In Egypt, there is a huge meme culture. The idea was to reach our internet savvy target, by recreating Egypt’s most popular and trendy memes. Egypt’s most popular memes will be inside a young guy’s head, doing a funky dance tune on their catchphrases.

Describe the strategy.

Data gathering: Data and research showed that the target of Damage Tanya (16-24) year olds are heavy consumers of social media and internet, where 80.7 percent of males and 78.9 of females consume internet on social networks. This is the target that spends his money and time on social networks. Most importantly on memes and viral videos. Our approach was to bring to life the real celebrities and influencers of the internet; the memes. They will be the ambassadors of our damage tanya brand.

Describe the execution.

Our campaign was directed to a digital audience. We wanted a fully fledged digital campaign from insight to final execution. We recreated the internet meme characters, by getting and styling doubles. We shot it in a certain technique, trying to recreate the cheap look and feel of the internet. To extend the virality of the campaign online, we created a dance on a funky tune with the catchphrases of the memes, instructing people through the memes to dance the funky dances of the campaign.

List the results.

facebook Reach : 16, 026, 056 Impressions: 63, 652, 176 Post engagement: 10, 298, 338 Youtube: Impressions: 43, 252, 680 View rate: 21.70% (market benchmark 10-15%) Views: 9, 384, 745 Sales: App downloads of Demagh tanya after campaign: App installs: 15, 136 Interactions: 377, 070 Impressions: 22, 206, 987


Name Company Role
Karim Ayesh FP7/CAI Creative Director
Mohamed Bary FP7/CA| Associate Creative Director
Mohamed Abdel Aal FP7/CAI Senior Art Director
Sondos Effat FP7/CAI Head of Account Management
Amr Ammar FP7/CAI Account Director
Ahmed El Shimy FP7/CAI Senior Account Manager
Essmat El Kholy FP7/CAI Account Executive
Inas Nagi FP7/CAI Senior Agency Producer
Naila Fattouh FP7/CAI Head of Strategy
Omar Gawdat FP7/CAI Strategist
Omar Helal N/A Director
Quim Miguel N/A DOP
Karim Hashkobly Hashkobz GFX
Hosny Ali The Garage Sound Engineer
Mohamed Farouk Light-House Senior Producer
Youssra Shalaby Light-House Producer
Fadi Fahim Light House Executive Producer
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