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The Campaign

Instead of being tactical and glorifying the app’s functions we decided to go for a different angle. We wanted to give our audience a credible “reason why”. We took the challenge of finding a unifying insight that everyone relates to when commuting in Dubai. Since most people came to Dubai to achieve and not waste time, there was one need that unified all commuters - the constant search for a smart shortcut. It’s what inspires us to take one route versus the other, trying to outsmart the system every day. That’s how “Every day, a smarter way” was born - the overarching concept that reframed the functional nature of the app into the go-to place for smart commuting solutions.

Creative Execution

Bringing the idea to life revolved around getting brand awareness about the first integrated mobility app via a variety of touchpoints. Touchpoints included branded content displayed through out of home solutions in key metro stations, as well as branded wrap for Dubai Taxis and buses. We placed promoters in key metro stations to engage and interact with the target audience. We also decided to strategically launch S’hail at the Gitex Trade show to leverage on local and international media exposure, as well as present the app’s innovative features. We developed an interactive microsite and implemented an online digital media campaign, paired with a paid social media campaign on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. PR activities involved radio and TV interviews with relevant local and international media press.

S’hail has reached over 100k downloads in less than 3 months. It became the Nº1 transportation app in Dubai, helping people find a smarter way through the city. This culminated in a 10% reduction in average commuting time. Sheikh Hamdan proudly introduced S’hail to the world during GITEX as part of Dubai’s smarter city agenda.

Historically, when communicating an app, a digital push is what gets the numbers. We didn’t just want numbers. We wanted to bring our benefit to life in context. That context seemed to be in the offline world. We used the out of home touchpoints to deliver the call to action where people experienced the pain-points of commuting the most.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Whilst the app now had a clear positioning, its efficiency was directly proportional to the number of commuters that use it. S’Hail needed downloads. We approached our communication strategy by applying the principles of pain-point planning. We realized that in an overly cluttered environment, our target audience might not be so receptive to what we had to say. So we decided the pivotal approach was to drive influence by bringing content within a relevant context. We distributed our channels in hotspot areas where congestion was high and the commuting struggle was real. To hone it closer to the benefit, each piece of communication had a message related to the mode of transport within the vicinity of our boards. We were able to use interactive screens that engaged commuters on the go, letting them know how to save time and money with the best travel route.


Name Company Position
Nick Walsh Geometry GM
Ben Knight, Julian Hernandez Geometry ECD
Logan Allanson Ogilvy One Dubai Creative Director
Ben Griffiths Ogilvy One Dubai Head of Art
Ricardo Lins Memac Ogilvy Associate Creative Director
Youssef Gadallah Geometry Creative Director
Elias W. Bassil Geometry Strategy Director
Adrian Mutescu Geometry Senior Strategist
Catherine Asseily Geometry Junior Planner
Mauro Bisso Geometry Senior Art Director
Laila Mokdad Geometry Senior Designer
Smithesh MP, Muhammad Omer, Maryam AlAyderousi, Rocelo Lamboloto, Prageeth Malak Geometry Designer
Saleh Dardir Geometry Art Direction
Muhammad Umair Ogilvy One Dubai Senior Digital Art Director
Mark Cruzem Ogilvy One Dubai Senior Digital Designer
Rhoderick Ballesteros, Amro Bakri Ogilvy One Dubai Design
Stella Parkes, Prajakta More,Yosri Kassed, Ahmed ElSherif Ogilvy One Dubai Copywriting
Nisreen Faris Geometry Account Director
Hana Abushaaban Geometry Senior Account Manager
Mohammad Al-Shanabla Ogilvy One Dubai Digital Production Account Manager
Amanda Newall Ogilvy One Dubai Producer
Fadia AlDandachi Ogilvy One Dubai Account Director
Nicole Mouawad Ogilvy One Dubai Account Manager
Yasmine Djhouri Ogilvy One Dubai Senior Account Manager
Pascale Youssef Ogilvy One Dubai Digital Account Director
Rawan AlHussein Ogilvy One Dubai Senior Digital Account Executive
Matthieu Vercruysse Social.Lab Managing Director
Sara Assi Social.Lab Social Media Strategist
Khamlesh Shankar Geometry Copywriter
Muhammad Yasir Geometry Copy Writer
Apoorva Puri Geometry Junior Copywriter
Mirko Arico-Torreno Geometry Art Director
Zubair Tahir Geometry Design
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