2018 Winners & Shortlists


Type of EntryChannels
CategoryUse of Audio Platforms

The Campaign

We wanted to prove the safety technology of the Equinox by creating a unique product demo specifically for radio. We focused on being able to use your phone hands-free while driving, thanks to Siri integration. In each of the 13 ads we made, a driver will either or ask or command something from Siri. Whatever is requested is then auto-completed by the radio station, be it weather or a song.

Creative Execution

We made 13 radio ads, each 15 seconds long. Partnering with local radio stations, we working closely with them to plan specific media buys immediately before the weather break or before specific song would play. This allowed our radio ad to transition seamlessly into the radio station's regular programming, giving the effect that our 15-second ad was actually much longer.

We saw a significant spike in website visits to the Equinox model page during the 4-week campaign, with a 75% increase in daily traffic within the first 48hrs of the ads going live. And by using clever placement of the ads directly before the songs or weather reports, we turned a 15 second ad into a 3 minute 15 second ad every time it ran. Based on the total impressions over the 4-weeks, we gained an extra 330% additional media value for free worth just over 900,000 Dirhams ($245,000).

This is a media-driven ad in the strongest sense. Our idea could only have been possible with the direct partnership between our agency and the radio stations we partnered with. We needed to work closely with the stations to explain / sell-in the concept, and then precisely program the media buy to run immediately before the weather forecast or a specific song.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Our target audience is 25-35-year old, young expat Arab families. They're moving away from their sedans to larger and safer vehicles like SUVs and Crossovers as their family grows. Segmentation studies and Nielsen data showed that safety would be a key priority for them when choosing their next car, however so would be the latest technology. Combining the two together allowed us to demonstrate Chevrolet's Apple Car Play Integration to deliver a safer way to use their phone's essential features. -Selecting the radio stations was a matter of cross-referencing the target with relevant broadcasters: -Channel 4: 2nd highest reach English station, but top ranked in consistency for share of audience. -Al Rabia: Top ranked Arabic radio station for Arab Expats & top share of audience. -Dance FM: Relatively new broadcaster, with youthful listenership. Used as a frequency builder.


Name Company Position
Andrej Arsenijevic Commonwealth//McCann Dubai Creative Director
Andrew Siebert Commonwealth//McCann Dubai Associate Creative Director
Conan Gregory Commonwealth//McCann Dubai Regional Account Director
John Hassan Commonwealth//McCann Dubai Producer
Andrew Pearson Commonwealth//McCann Dubai Associate Creative Direcor
Abdul Kader Asfari Commonwealth//McCann Dubai Arabic Copywriter
Kavitha Kanakar Carat Dubai Media Manager
Jad Noujeim Carat Dubai Media Director
Matt Canzano Commonwealth//McCann Detroit Deputy, Global CCO
Greg Braun Commonwealth//McCann Detroit Deputy, Global CCO
Ash Farr Commonwealth//McCann Detroit EVP/Global Head of Strategy
Gavin Stradi Commonwealth//McCann Dubai Freelancer
Tamer Elsawy Commonwealth//McCann Dubai Associate Creative Director