2018 Winners & Shortlists


Short List
CategoryFundraising & Advocacy

The Campaign

While 4 million Lebanese reside inside Lebanon, almost 14 million others live abroad (source: Foreign & Commonwealth Office). Despite the distance, the Lebanese living abroad are well connected with their relatives and friends in Lebanon, usually staying in touch via Facebook and other social networks. This insight inspired us to mobilize the Lebanese diaspora and use their voice to amplify our message and spread back home. We based our idea on the thinking that if we create a sense of urgency regarding the scarcity of blood donations inside Lebanon among the Lebanese diaspora, then they will be intrigued and will try to help by sharing our message among their friends and relatives back home which will amplify our voice and enable us to highjack the social conversation in Lebanon. It was sort of leveraging international pressure from the diaspora to drive impact in Lebanon and push locals to donate blood

Creative Execution

In an unprecedented move, we placed the standard Arabic ‘posts’ on unbranded outdoors targeting Lebanese people worldwide. An elaborate process, which required collaborating with media agencies worldwide, to identify cities with a high expat population, and target communities with donation calls straight from their home towns. Unaccustomed to seeing Arabic outdoors asking for blood donations from their neighborhoods back home, with our message “El hal bi 2eedak”, Lebanese expats were moved by their strong nationalism, and couldn’t help but act immediately. Many questioned what was going on. Others pushed friends and family to take action and donate, flooding social networks in the process. Local News and online influencers quickly took notice and opened up the conversation on the problem. With our stunt captivating the nation, we took to Facebook Live and revealed that DSC was raising awareness on the dire blood shortage.

While our objective was to achieve 10% increase in both registered blood donors and blood units donated, we managed to achieve a 20% increase in donors and a 22% increase in blood units in only 6 months. A staggering double the objective in half the time. And with no media cost at all, our campaign generated $529,386 in earned media. However our biggest achievement of all was to highjack the social conversation in Lebanon and direct it toward an important social issue that touches everyone’s life.

Despite leveraging several communication channels, PR was the key ingredient for this campaign’s success, as our strategy relied heavily on PR to amplify our message, gain celebrities’ support, fuel the campaigns momentum and influence the public’s dialogue regarding blood donation in Lebanon; ultimately changing perceptions and generating more than half a million dollars in earned media.

We targeted Lebanese Netizens on Facebook who use the platform to share stories, vent anxieties, and connect with loved ones abroad. Yet despite their active online presence, posts from individuals & NGOs regarding social issues like blood donation rarely get their attention and are mostly ignored. So, to shed the light on the severe blood shortage in Lebanon, we took Arabic Facebook blood donations posts and placed it on unbranded outdoors across several cities with high Lebanese expatriate community with a common hashtag: Solution is in your hands. This strategy of relying on the Lebanese diaspora to share and promote our message among their community back home was selected to make more impact than a traditional awareness campaign. Once shared, celebrities and influencers were ready to push it further and stir the conversation. In parallel, PR made it possible to cover the topic at a national level.


Name Company Role
Chafic Haddad J. Walter Thompson Chief Creative Operations Officer
Rayyan Aoun J. Walter Thompson Executive Creative Director
Rawad Eldahouk J. Walter Thompson Creative Director
Jean Elazar J. Walter Thompson Senior Art Director
Firas Ghannam J. Walter Thompson Senior Art Director
Marc Baakliny J. Walter Thompson Digital Art Director
Ahmad Shanaa J. Walter Thompson Senior Art Director
Yorgui Maurice Teyrouz DSC Founder and President
Abdo Kamal Saad DSC Communication Manager & Representative of DSC Clubs