2018 Winners & Shortlists


Short List
Idea Creation CHEIL KSA Jeddah, SAUDI ARABIA

The Campaign

We wanted to give the empty plates voices and let them speak about hunger on a platform where people see millions of plates filled with delicious meals every day — Instagram. People who expected to see the usual food Instagram photos saw empty plates that tell a very different story — a story of hunger, millions across the globe are living with every day.

Creative Execution

We wanted to reach out to the audience in a unique way, that is why we asked the calligraphers who came from diverse calligraphy schools to use empty plates as canvases. In order to achieve maximum impact through the created designs, black and white monochrome typography was used to focus more on the ideals of the campaign. Calligraphers from different schools of art participated in this campaign, they all used black color to focus more on the ideals of the message. Each calligrapher wrote the messages using strokes that carried his/her own emotions and feelings to illustrate beautiful statements that raised awareness for this cause. The calligraphed plates were sent out to the food influencers who shared the plates on Instagram. Some influencers posted images of themselves carrying the plates, and some of them talked about the problem in a video. We gave them the freedom of speech to talk about the problem in their own personalized manner. Those who logistically could not receive the plates posted the designs on Instagram with a personalized caption, the messages carried a human touch and were highly effective, as well as very aesthetically pleasing. The campaign was targeting Instagram users and it lasted for 2-3 weeks, some influencers took the campaign further to other social media platforms. More influencers asked to be a part of the campaign.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

The @WFP_MENA Instagram followers’ count increased by 300%. The campaign posts received over 1,000,000 impressions organically. The campaign reached to 700,000 Instagram users organically with no paid advertising. The bond between the WFP and the food blogging community was strengthened. The empty plates’ voices reached out to hundreds of thousands of online users and more donations were made to feed the hungry.

Since we had no budget, we needed to reach the maximum amount of people organically through using the influence of the most renowned food bloggers as well as calligraphers. The campaign was primarily targeting Instagram users who are already following these Instagram food bloggers. To highlight this problem in an appealing and eye-catching way, we wanted calligraphers to incorporate calligraphy art in writing beautiful call-to-action messages that are deeply rooted in our culture and traditions. These beautifully written messages encourage the audience to offer and preserve food in order to sustain life. The food bloggers and calligraphers are joining their hands together to help in creating a bond between food lovers and the World Food Programme.


Name Company Role
Laith Hafez Cheil KSA Creative Director
Ayham Murad Cheil KSA Senior Art Director
Yasser Abuthuria Cheil KSA Senior Art Director
Waleed Mushtaq Cheil KSA Senior Digital Art Director
Abrar Alghamdi Cheil KSA Copywriter
Omar Jabi Cheil MENA Executive Creative Director
Francesc Coves Cheil MENA Associate Creative Director
Baher Raouf Cheil MENA Associate Creative Director
James Tan Cheil MENA Associate Creative Director
Santosh Singh Cheil MENA Creative Services Manager
Mihailo Rsumovic Cheil MENA Digital Technologist
Jagal Gopinath Cheil MENA Digital Art Director
Marcia Johnston Cheil MENA Senior English Copywriter
Hussein Kaddaha Cheil MENA Senior Arabic Copywriter
Sharon Mempin Cheil MENA Graphic Designer
Dina El Kassaby World Food Programme Regional Communications Officer
Abeer Etefa World Food Programme Head of Communications
Mohammed Alkawa World Food Programme Communication Manager
Reem Nada World Food Programme Regional Communications Officer
Ljubica Vujadinovic World Food Programme Social Media Strategist
Paul Anthem World Food Programme Content Coordinator
Elise Bijon World Food Programme Head of Private Sector Partnerships
Rana Harb World Food Programme Regional Communications Associate