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Product/ServiceEARTH DAY

The Campaign

Energy efficiency is one of the most important attributes that people associate with Beko, Europe’s leading home appliances brand. The need for energy efficiency is a serious global reality that we all need to pay attention to. Talking about it requires honesty. We knew people would not care about what we say, unless we really acted upon it with an honest expression. So, we came up with a print ad. We didn’t print it though. And we didn’t waste anything. No paper. Nor ink. Instead, we wrote our headline by redesigning (overnight) the structure of the classified advertisement page of Turkey’s most popular newspaper (Posta) for one day, the Earth Day.

Creative Execution

We ended up with almost 200 unique ads in our hands that belonged to other companies. So, we looked at each one of those ads, one by one, and crafted our message of “Don’t Waste” amidst those ads. There was another challenge with the implementation: The timing. As the ads on the classified advertisements page are almost daily, we got them the night before the paper goes into printing process. So, we only had few hours and one chance to make it right.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

When we were done with the execution, we sent the page design back to the newspaper. Next morning it was all over Turkey for a large target group coming from very different demographic backgrounds with almost 300,000 daily circulation.

Billions of people live on Planet Earth. Turkey also is a large country with 80 millions of population. That’s 80 million people breathing, using, spending the same resources. It was a heavy group of target audience considering the subject concerns all of us. When we had the concept of efficiency to talk about, we immediately realized that regular marketing executions would not fit it. What’s the point of talking about efficiency if we spend time, money and other natural resources to do so? We needed an honest, constructive and positive approach. As for the media planning we had a few criteria in our heads: Specifically not wasting any natural resource, reaching many people as possible and surprising them. That’s why we chose Turkey’s most popular newspaper Posta and redesigned the classified advertisements page of it as people have never seen before.


Name Company Role
Uğur Çakır FP7/McCann Istanbul Chief Creative Officer
Cenk Öztunalı FP7/McCann Istanbul Creative Director
Aybars Gürlü FP7/McCann Istanbul Art Director
Korcan Yavuz FP7/McCann Istanbul Copywriter
Engin Ger FP7/McCann Istanbul Art Director
Yiğit Zigaloğlu FP7/McCann Istanbul Jr. Copywriter
Tahaab Rais FP7/MENA Regional Head of Strategic Planning
Zeynep Yağcı Yıldızlı FP7/McCann Istanbul Strategic Planning Director
Eren Kayserilioğlu FP7/McCann Istanbul Group Account Director
Pelin Toykan FP7/McCann Istanbul Account Manager
Zeynep Doğu FP7/McCann Istanbul Head of Production
Cansu Yılmaz FP7/McCann Istanbul Jr. Producer