2018 Winners & Shortlists


Short List

The Campaign

One Book For Peace. A book that contains the teachings of both the Bible and the Quran, where verses from each were printed next to each other to demonstrate how similar the teachings are. It focuses on topics such as One God, Peace, Justice, Love, Family Relatives and Neighbours, Sanctity of Life, Compassion, Forgiveness, Helping Others and Hope. Each chapter consists of ten verses clearly showing the similarities and explaining to the reader in a simple way that teachings on humanity may have been written differently but they truly have one voice. By reaching out to the world through various platforms, we invited people to join the conversation about how there’s so much more that unites us than sets us apart.

Creative Execution

The book was launched on a prime time show on Al Jazeera Balkans to spread the message of peace to the world. Soon it featured on all leading news channels and received over 150 announcements in the Balkans region alone. The book was also launched through OneShare platform online, one page at a time. Using dialogue flow technology, we addressed various issues with verses from the book about love, hope and peace. We found a common pathway between the church and the mosque where we placed our ONE book audio poster. The poster played the verses from the Bible and the Quran, encouraging people to visit the website to listen to the full book and download the audiobook or e-book. On YouTube, our video received over a million views. The One Book touched 53 million hearts globally, which is 17 times the population of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

One Book for Peace received a total of 53 million impressions.Right from the launch on Aljazeera Balkans, to sending the books to influential leaders like Pope Francis, Antonio Guterres and Donald Trump, to initializing OneShare platform online, we reached 96% of the total population of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and 100% of its online population. People from every continent visited our website, requested a physical copy and downloaded the e-book. We even got a letter of acknowledgment from the Prime Minister of UK, Theresa May, encouraging us to continue spreading this message of peace. Two weeks after the launch of the book, faith leaders came together for a common prayer for the first time after the Bosnian War.

The ONE Book puts the teachings of the Bible and the Quran next to each other and demonstrates how similar they are. We chose to create a book because all religions have books as a common medium to govern their teachings. And through the ONE book we spread the message of peace to people from every continent. Whether it was the launch on Al Jazeera Balkans, the OneShare platform online, or the innovative use of the ONE radio channel through a poster, we began a conversation about how there’s so much more that unites us than sets us apart.

The ONE book is targeted towards people with prejudices. They may be young adults or older people, men or women. They are individuals who grew up in communities with a strong opinion about other religions. The idea integrates the believers of both Islam and Christianity and brings them together to witness the teachings of each. One gets the view of the other, thus making everyone realize that the teachings are remarkably similar. And to simplify the communication, ten topics were focused on, and verses related to them were explained next to each other.


Name Company Role
Kalpesh Patankar Y&R Dubai Executive Creative Director
Sambhav Khandelwal Y&R Dubai Copywriter
Vineet Parrikar Y&R Dubai Art Director
Georges Barsoum Y&R Dubai CEO
Zarko Sakan New Moment New Ideas Company Managing Director
Lazar Sakan New Moment New Ideas Company Creative Manager
Jasmina Nikolic New Moment New Ideas Company Client Service Director
Goran Rudinac New Moment New Ideas Company Head of Digital
Mirnes Kovac Freelance Journalist
Muhamed Fazlovic Freelance Theologian Islam
Pavle Mijovic Freelance Theologian Christianity
Binnu Cherian Y&R Dubai Print Production Head
Sam Eid Y&R Dubai Head of Production
Kalpesh Patankar Y&R Dubai Executive Creative Director
Ryan Atkinson Freelance Designer
Prabhilash Purushothaman Y&R Dubai Studio