2018 Winners & Shortlists


Type of EntryDesign Craft
CategoryLogo Design

The Campaign

We looked at the name of the brand, and gave it a whole new meaning. The idea that with Sporter you can be "More Than". So the suffix "ER" added to the word "Sport" became a branding tool we used in all brand communication. Hence, establishing that Sporter is the go-to brand for self improvement, in whatever way you needed it to be.

Creative Execution

We created a simple, clean, and modern brand identity, that stands out among the clutter of over-aggressive, bulky, and testosterone-filled market. We took every opportunity to expand on the "Sport-ER" concept by introducing other words in the same box as the logo. Better. Stronger. Faster. Healthier. Bigger... People would see these words in boxes, and automatically know that this is the Sporter brand. The box is is a metaphor of the fact that everything you need to be faster, stronger, better, can be found inside. We proved that the concepts of giving people the power to find change within themselves, and inspiring them to take action, are more important than a literal visual representations of strength, health, and fitness.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

It's too early to have tangible sales results, but the reaction to the new identity was overwhelmingly positive. The increased brand loyalty and positive feedback was apparent to the client, to the extent they started working on introducing merchandise featuring the new identity because of popular demand.

The strategy was to create a brand that tells people who they can be, and on a tactical level, get them to relate to the brand that can inspire them to achieve their fitness goals. Audience: Gym goers, people that are into cross-fit, body shaping and toning - health driven people. Bodybuilders where supplements are a big part of their diet. These people care for the looks of their bodies and performance at the gym. This is what supplements provide them with - Energy and muscle building.


Name Company Position
Hadi Alaeddin Memac Ogilvy Advize Associate Creative Director
Lama Hannoun Memac Ogilvy Advize Account Director
Mohammad Kamal Memac Ogilvy Advize Creative Director
Amr Hourani Memac Ogilvy Advize Associate Creative Director
Meriam Shanti Memac Ogilvy Advize Associate Creative Director
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