2018 Winners & Shortlists


Short List
Product/ServiceUN WOMEN EGYPT

The Campaign

The idea came as a direct result from the issue at hand. That women only make up 23% of the Egyptian workforce. The three ads depict different industries usually dominated by men. In these executions we then hid one single woman, and challenged the reader to find her. A task much easier said than done. With this style of execution, we got people to spend more time looking at the ads, meaning more time to communicate our message that it shouldn't be this hard to find women in areas such as science, politics and technology.

Creative Execution

To bring our idea to life, we went with an intricate illustration style with rich details that would make it interesting for the reader to really spend time and explore the ads. Hand drawn in an isometric perspective, the different environments were created layer by layer, before being colored digitally. The hundreds of characters are all unique, but of course only one per ad is a woman. In total, it took the illustrators almost two months to finish the campaign.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

This campaign started locally in Egypt, but soon spread across social media. Publications in Egypt and several other countries wrote about the ads. The popular social media site Playground even created a video with the ads that was seen over 1.2 million times. Other highlights include being featured on Japanese TV, and on UN Women's global social media accounts, sharing our message with their millions of followers.

The client, UN Women Egypt, is a well-known organization that is working for women's right in all aspects of the Egyptian society. The target audience for this campaign included both men and women, to get them to open their eyes to the issue and see how underrepresented women actually are in the national workforce.


Name Company Role
Firas Medrows DDB Dubai Executive Creative Director
Zahir Mirza DDB Dubai Group Creative Director
Hande Guler DDB Dubai Associate Creative Director
Hande Guler DDB Dubai Associate Creative Director
Andreas Schwitter DDB Dubai Art Director
Firas Medrows DDB Dubai Executive Creative Director
Victor Haffling DDB Dubai Copywriter
Hend Rafaat DDB Dubai Planner
Sanu Raju DDB Dubai Retoucher
Jiro Kamigaki IC4Design Illustrator
Daisuke Matsubara IC4Design Illustrator