2018 Winners & Shortlists


Type of EntryDesign Craft
Idea Creation MEMAC OGILVY Manama, BAHRAIN

The Campaign

The idea is based on a rather simple insight: most people use their smartphones to listen to their favorite music and as a result use the free headphones that come along with it. There’s no one in the world who hasn't struggled with undoing the knots from wired headphones. An unnecessary problem to encounter when you want to listen to some music. Our take on this insight is to visually show trending, chart-topping music artistes, completely tangled up just like these wired headphones with a rather frustrated expression. The artistes have been carefully chosen to represent different genres of music and are instantly recognizable because of their signature stage costumes and other eccentricities which will be highlighted by virtue of the visual execution.

Creative Execution

To bring the idea to life, we first ran a poll to find artistes that were instantly recognizable and iconic within their genre. Next we integrated the artistes into the headphones using detailed 3D characterization and illustration to exaggerate the artistes' struggle and frustration at being trapped and unable to perform. In fact, the success of the execution can be demonstrated by the seamless melding of headphones and artiste. The key to each creative execution is in the details. From something as minor as a plectrum to the right nail polish, great emphasis was laid on depicting each character in its most recognizable form. Naturally, as the idea employs the use of creative exaggeration we scaled up the thickness of the cables to add depth and relative life-like features to the artistes to offer a complete anatomy.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

The campaign ran across all their national stores as well as in multiple key location billboard sites. In a Kingdom of 1.4 million people the campaign was seen by over 8 million pairs of eyes. The campaign helped cement VIVA's positioning as the most youth orientated brand in the market with a 0.8% uplift in the 'brand I would recommend to others' statement amongst the under 30 audience in the quarterly brand tracker. Sales targets were exceeded by 37%.

Making listening to music on your phone a better experience via offering top quality wireless headphones at an affordable monthly rate was a clear differentiator and value addition for VIVA's customers. It separated the brand from the pure promotionally driven competition. In a market with 120% smartphone penetration, customers with an unquenchable desire for the latest and greatest must have electronics and many having a decent level of disposable income, the product fit was extremely effective. 60% of the population are under 35 and the 2 most popular pastimes are music and movies. As a market, the media landscape of Bahrain is still dominated by print, and so we chose billboards and in-store posters (VIVA has presence in all major shopping malls across the country) as the key media with which to target our affluent, brand conscious audience.


Name Company Position
Paul Shearer, Simon Impey, Divyan Kriplani, Mukesh Jadhav, Mark Gmehling, Dan Sh MEMAC Ogilvy Chief Creative Officer, Creative Director, Associate Creative Director, Sr. Art Director, 3D Illustr