2018 Winners & Shortlists


Client/BrandDMS / ZUBIZU
EntrantZUBIZU Istanbul, TURKEY
Type of EntryComprehensive Branding Programmes
CategoryCreation of a new Brand Identity or Rebrand / Refresh of an Existing Brand
Idea Creation RAFINERI Istanbul, TURKEY

The Campaign

As a loyalty & lifestyle application we had to differentiate from other loyalty programmes. Being a newly launching brand, we had certain needs. Sophia Loren’s infamous 60’s song which came into our lives again with the TV series Mad Man “Zou Bisou Bisou”, meaning ‘the kiss of life’, was a big inspiration for the brand creation. The song formed the main frame of the brand’s communication codes. The application’s name got registered as ZUBIZU and the song got remixed with the brand name. Despite targeting the upper-class market initially, being a brand which will eventually expand into a wider market made us avert from the usual grey, sparkly visuals. We worked on a classic, retro concept which was popular in the 60’s. We combined retro communication codes with classic optical art and brand positioning and created our ‘Retro Glamour’ world. We designed our logo as an application icon.

Creative Execution

Going beyond the ordinary, we started the launch on mobile channels. We achieved a target-orientated growth by reaching categorised customers with over 500 specialised creative assets. At the second stage, while ensuring a high reach with a range of creative formats from TV spots to interactive advertorials, to applications that modify at outdoors, we also organised activities that created word-of-mouth within the upper-class market such as interactive shopping events, special cinema screenings and happy-hours in premium restaurants. Finally, we delivered personalised messages and offers to users based on their interests within the app to improve brand loyalty. One of our strongest communication channels was our partners’ stores. We placed ZUBIZU icon lookalike boxes in stores and used the store staff to remind the customers about the app. We shared how-to videos on digital channels and created a self-description mood film for pre-membership.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

Measurable results: By the end of 2017 the number of downloads reached 2 million. Of all the downloaders, 929K people signed up and shared personal information. The 949 thousand users’ ratio of being active on the app reached 46%. At the end of the campaign the brand awareness reached 57%, instead of 27%. ZUB?ZU’s brand awareness took shape by one hundred per cent. The brand awareness reached 68% within the very hard to reach target market of A+. Also ad awareness reached 22% instead of 14%. At the end of the campaign we increased our ‘ZUBIZU is an app suitable for me and my lifestyle’ messaging by 8 points and ‘It offers more premium services and activities compared to other applications’ messaging by 7 points.

In a very crowded market, as the first mobile application offering privileges in multiple categories from fashion to travel, to food & drink and personal-care, ZUBIZU’s aim was to bring together the customers’ expectations and rewards from all loyalty programmes to one application. Our long term plan was to reach a wider consumer market alongside the upper-class market. The brand language, visual identity and positioning we created had to overcome the difficulties we came across in reaching the upper-class market, as well as differentiate in the wider consumer market that is exposed to vast messaging.


Name Company Position
Emre Kaplan RAFINERI Advertising Agency cco
Ayse Bali RAFINERI Advertising Agency CCO
Ali Sener RAFINERI Advertising Agency Creative director
Gizem Senguler RAFINERI Advertising Agency Creative group head
Saydan Celik RAFINERI Advertising Agency Art director
Erbek Onur RAFINERI Advertising Agency Account director
Asli Aksu RAFINERI Advertising Agency Account supervisor
Safak Ertemiz RAFINERI Advertising Agency Account executive
Safak Serter RAFINERI Advertising Agency Production manager
Acelya Ulkumen RAFINERI Advertising Agency Producer