2016 Winners & Shortlists


Short List
Type of EntryFilm: Other Film
CategoryViral Film
Entrant Company SQUAD DIGITAL Nairobi, KENYA
Advertising Agency SQUAD DIGITAL Nairobi, KENYA
Production Company THE CREATIVE HUB Nairobi, KENYA

The Campaign

In an attempt to establish what forms the basis of Kenya’s image in the minds of its citizens, we conducted a social experiment. It involves an interview of media personalities – the bearers of current affairs. Each person is shown the same set of images and asked to state what they see in them. The images however have been cropped to show a particular stereotype that exists about Kenya. Then the subjects are shown the images again, but this time expanded to show the complete picture. When they do, their comments and genuine surprise at the revelation of their bias, tells a world of stories about how people perceive one angle of a story about completely ignore the bigger picture. A bigger picture that is often more beautiful than not. At the end, the celebrities tweet their discoveries and invite the nation to open their eyes and show Kenya’s beauty to the world.


Name Company Position
Philip Ranja Squad Digital Executive Creative Director
Emily Nyaneko Squad Digital Account Director
Ted Ngure Squad Digital Senior Copy writer
Arnold Young Squad Digital Senior Designer
Nelson Maina Squad Digital Senior Copy writer
Vincent Ng'aru Squad Digital Designer
Ute Oduol Squad Digital Account Manager
Oscar Senyeli Squad Digital Art Director
Dennis Ndung'u Squad Digital Graphic Designer
Charles Karuri Squad Digital Senior Developer
Isaac Okello Squad Digital Front End Developer
Maryanne Njeri Squad Digital Community Manager
Jeffrey Liboyi Squad Digital Video Editor