2016 Winners & Shortlists


Short List
Client/BrandUN WOMEN
EntrantFP7/CAI Cairo, EGYPT
Type of EntryFilm: Other Film
CategoryViral Film
Entrant Company FP7/CAI Cairo, EGYPT
Advertising Agency FP7/CAI Cairo, EGYPT
Production Company LUCAN VISUALS Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA

The Campaign

A campaign by UN women addressed the horrific reality of violence against women in a society used to looking the other way. The aim was to face society with its own doing by normalizing assault like society does to provoke a reaction and call for people to speak up. The copy addresses sexual harassment through a fairytale gone bad. As we go further in the film, violence starts to unfold, turning the fairytale into a nightmare. Projections and face mapping served as a mirror to society showing the direct consequence of silence on women. The VO, representing the voice of society, remains in denial with its magical tone of voice narrating the story and ignoring the reality of violence. The contrast between the audio and video delivers the shocking truth bringing society in confrontation with its own doing and forcing it to stop the cycle of deadly silence by speaking up.


Name Company Position
Ahmed Hafez Youness FP7/CAI Executive Creative Director:
Marwan Younis FP7/CAI Creative Director
Mariam Ibrahim FP7/CAI Art Director
Sandra Riad FP7/CAI Senior Copywriter
Abdelrahman Abou Zeid FP7/CAI Senior Copywriter
Reem Hashem FP7/CAI Graphic Designer
Heba Radwan FP7/CAI Head of Production
Mahmoud Enayet FP7/CAI Post Production Supervisor
Inas Nagy FP7/CAI TV Producer
Ashraf Hosafy FP7/CAI TV Producer
Marize Sami FP7/CAI Group Account Director
Ola El Adly FP7/CAI Senior Account Executive
Moustafa El Dabbagh FP7/CAI Planning Manager
Andrew McNally Lucan Visuals Lucan Director
Wian Van Bergen Lucan Visuals Creative Director
Grant Birch Lucan Visuals Lucan Offline Editor/Technical Manager
Werner Uys Lucan Visuals Lucan Producer (Production/Post- Production)
Stuart Wilson Lucan Visuals Lucan Online Editor
Matthew Dickinson Lucan Visuals Lucan Composing/Sound Design